This is My Scream

better than you

It's true
Here I write the prequel
no, it’s not a sequel
to a poem, a song, for untouched rights left wronged
a fight that lasts long
a collection of words you may find absurd
something of a disclaimer
a defamer
defamation of the message I’m displaying
for the sake of explaining
that I chose not to take the chance to act out
to scream
to shout
the sitcom soap opera scene
ridiculous in light of the real pains of the world
but done by all the boys and girls
but something most people have and need
I finally decided to do the deed, so I tick tack type out this screed

I don’t lash like my brother
or crash like my mother
but one day I’ll die like my father
so I ask why I bother
to continue to try to be the good son
when I know I’m not one
professional failer
detached minimized flailer
whiny angst, little is frailer in the light of what is
when I think what I have
when you look at what you’ve been handed
and know you’ve been taking everything you can
take a stab
but you still hurt
when you get caught in the lurch
of living
you no longer feel like giving
you still hate
and it makes me irate that I’ve never been able to make myself scream
to scream like I want to
need to
have to

this is my scream
for walks alone in the park
for silent tears dropped in the dark
because I could never do it before
never wanted more

this is my scream
for loves betrayed
for friendships waylaid
for good acts forgotten
and bad facts turned rotten

this is my scream
since I can’t find my voice
I have little other choice
it’s hard to rage
from inside a cage
but this is my scream

yeah, this is my scream
for chronic depression
a self-absorbed obsession?
some god teaching me a lesson
again and again and again
but I already knew
so here’s my comfortably middle class white boy blues

still, this is my scream
and it’s all I’ve got
so why don’t you go fucking rot
in hell if you don’t think it’s enough
say I ought to get tough
quit my bitching and moaning
egotistical groaning

yeah, maybe that's what it is
but still

This is my scream


4:20 Celebrater
I took the time to read your scream... I think you should write songs for a living, cause thats good shit!


How dare you!?
Im sorry i didnt read it but if i really dont listen to the lyrics of songs. I go for the beats.

better than you

It's true
Kitana, thanks for the Seal of Approval.

Baked13, thanks. It's more... slam poetry than a song I guess, that was sort've creative license. I'm not sure how I'd imagine this put to music, but it might work? *shrug*

Blackwulf... um, thanks for liking what you read?

And people who can't be bothered to read the whole thing, and post just to say it's too long... what the shit are you doing in a writer's forum if you have no attention span?


I read it all,infact I think I'll read it again.
You're a kickass poet Mr.You
rock on dude. :thumbsup:


Window Washer
Good job Better. It seemed a little choppy at the start but really flowed well in the bottom two thirds. I liked it, a little dark for my personal taste but well done.

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
that was wicked. it rhymes and flows so well. honestly, i agree with baked13, this would make a great song. though i still do agree that it works very well as (as you put it) slam poetry. well put, btw, it describes it rather well.
i like near the beginning when you seem to be talkin about ppl overdramatizing everything. like everything has to be a fucking sitcom. so ya.. *thumbs up*


no piggy no!!!
I really like the poem, but the beginning sounds more like a warm- up (as i think it is meant to because of the whole prequal thing)... but it doesn't get hot until closer to the end where you start initially saying "this is my scream" the paragraph before it could be a separate tiny poem in itself. But shit kid, i hear a lot of good writing all day long at my school (you have to be recruited and try out and all in your art form.. long story) and you sound wonderful. I have a tendency to do the same thing with a long intro before i actually get to what i'm trying to say and i learned that i usually have to cut off the first part... it's really just a suggestion and completely ur own poetry. keep writing i'd love to hear more.