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this is what i call space between space

Alright, I live in a town of about three or four thousand people and recently whenever I walk across town I can't find anyone. I mean, I go to my supposedly friends houses and they are not there or have to do something so can't hang out. It's been about five days since I have had any human social interactions. (btw im not sure if this is where this thread should go) Anyway just this morning at about one o'clock I get on the internet and am suprised to see some familiar screen names. So I get to talking to a couple of people
(literally only 2) and it turns out that the girl that I used to like is mad at me and her new boyfriend (her ex) is as well. Well, this girl is friends with all of my friends so I find myself wondering what to do to make things better. The whole reason for why she and he were mad at me was because I told this guy that I would beat his ass if I ever saw him in my town. Well, the girl gets ahold of him and he tells her and then gets mad at me.

The reason why I was mad at this guy was because he lied to me over some important issues that I can't mention right now while at the same time I was being completely honest with him. So push comes to shove and I end up telling the girl that I will let it slide this time because I don't want her to be pissed off at me. I tell the guy not to do it again and before I can say another word he starts running off at the mouth.

Myself of course, isn't just going to stand there and take it so I begin to converse with him exchanging insults back and forth. (this is the part that fucking blows) While in the middle of this gigantic fued over such a small matter, about nine of this girls friends are at her house reading the screen and i personally got bitched out by all nine of them for three hours, even though I didn't start with the trivial bullshit. So not only with she not speak to me, the rest of the won't either. This is a problem because the one girl that I'm trying to hook up with just so happens to be one of the nine people.

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't just being a fucking asshole to try to be a badass. I was trying to get my point across in the kindest way possible which was for this guy to not lie to me pretty much. However at this point and time I don't even give a fuck about that dude anymore. My main concern is how to get these people to talk to me again because I have been friends with them a long time now and its killing me to watch them just say fuck off.



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How can you be so sure there was really 9 girls over there?

Anyways.. You should probably just see the girl and not mention that "incident" unless she does, and then don't make it a big deal either. Just play it cool. If you get pissy, you lose. You said it yourself, it's just a small matter, so act like it's just a small matter and forget it.
i counted the 9, each one of them would be like "well, im going to sleep so heres someone else"

and thats not a bad idea ill use it to my advantages (wink)


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I'd just seek out the girl you want to hook up with. I've had ex girlfriends who turn their friends against me...some of whom are my friends as well. Basically you just have to confront the people you care about and explain to them your side in the nicest way possible. If she's still a bitch about it, then she's very untolerable and probably pretty shallow when it comes to people's emotions and reactions to touchy situations.