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This makes you wonder...


Official N00B
Ok, i, and everyone at me school, were raised off of the peace, respect, shit method of teaching, and im a whatever now, and our teachers are SUPPOSED to watch us, have you ever had one of those days where everyone decides theyre goin to beat up that poor pathetic loser at one time when the teachers arent lookin, yea, EVERYONE in the room beat the shit outta me, how old do u have to be to get a machine gun?



I am sexy...Oh yea...
So, tell us what happenned before they beat the shit out of you. Did you say or do something? I don't think everyone in the class would just, one day out of the blue, turn around and kick your ass for nothing. Did the chicks also kick your ass?


I'm serious, no?
If people are concensus about beating you then it's most likely that you deserve it.
Unless you're the only good guy in there.