Headlines this shit happened 100ft from my front door


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A Williamson man is in the hospital recovering after a violent knife attack outside his home. The attack happened Satuday afternoon outside his house on Highland Drive. Williamson police are trying to figure out what prompted the violent attack that has sent shock waves through a quiet neighborhood. On Friday police raced to a Williamson house after the owner, 44-year-old Michael McCormick, called 911. Police tell NEWS 10NBC McCormick was slashed after he confronted two men outside his house .

Mr. McCormick contacted 911 after the assault and was transported to Rochester General Hospital by Willamson ambulance, where he was treated for a laceration to his torso area. On Saturday police returned to the house collecting evidence and looking for clues. Stunned neighbors tell us they are trying to figure out how something so senseless could happen so close to home.

One neighbor tells NEWS 10NBC the motive for the attack may be right over there in the driveway. Ruth DeFisher has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years. She says the attack has her on edge. In the meantime, police are cautioning residents about opening their doors for strangers. Police told NEWS 10NBC McCormick is listed in stable condition and is expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday. They say he has been trying to help them come up with a composite of the two suspects. If you have any information you are asked to call the New York State Police at 315-589-8288.

^was found on http://news10nbc.com/index.asptemplate=item&story_id=14720


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tiger_86 said:
That's kind of scary.
whoah shit, that'd be scary if you heard it happen, of course, being the weirdo that i am, id go out there with my baseball bat


Soul Doubt
Yeah... similar thing happened here, but they killed the guy...
My mom was all like "some guy was murdered out on [insert street names]" and I was just awestruck because nothing like that ever happens here... but then again some guy was shot last year ... So I guess stuff does happen, but not as often as you hear it in the news...

I think a lot of violent crimes have in one way or another a connection to rap music [except for the crimes that the victims were tempting the to-be-criminal and making fun of him/her... those ones all seem to be related to rock]...