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this shit happens when I'm bored..


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
it's terrible I know..but a bit funny in one way

Fashion, saying this saying that,
saying what to wear, when, how and what.
How thin, how big boobs.
your a nerd if you say "fcuking noobs!"
your hair, your looks.
All taken from stylists book.
everyone wants to be special,
but your all the same, your special in the same way.
Your picking on those who arent clones of you,
becouse youre afraid what they could do.
They arent afraid to be themselves,
your picking on them and being shameless.
They arent afraid, they know what game you play.
they know exactly what to say.
your the weak one, being a clone.
Well fuck. If I had more powers around here I'd move this to The Writer's Block.
It's not all that bad. Actually, kind of funny. Maybe I'm wrong, but should this not be in the writers block. Other than that, it was pretty good.
Damn it

That wasn't a flame, I swear. I forgot that it was moved to the writers block. How can I get one of those nifty wall-banging emoticons? Here we go... :banghead: