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well when my father was younger he had this Kidney infection and aa few years ago he was giving blood to the blue cross because he was in the marines and he had been given blood from them so he thought he would give back,, when he donated the blood his blood pressure was extremly high..
Now 3 weeks too a month ago he had a mean bump on his left knee and went to the doctor, the doctor had noticed that his hands kneecap were swollen so he sent my father to get a blood test..he is having kidney failure so they are testing my oldest brother first then my sister then me to match a kidney for him.... and the doctor told my dad to come in the next week so they can give him a blood test and they said it doubled so they need him to go in to dialysis tommarow morning at 9:00 am so please everyone can you hope/pray he gets better its much appreciated...


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Wow, that's unfortunate. I have a friend that had kidney problems in both of his kidneys. His mother gave him one when he was young, and that's his only functioning one. I had hoped he'd be alright the whole time, and basically he is alright now, so I'll see to it do all I can to keep him in my thoughts. Good luck.


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Good luck hope it works out the way you want it to!


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I wish you and your dad the best of luck. I hope he can get a kidney in him and get back to normalcy. :thumbsup: