This was hard.


The Man You Love To Hate.
Last night I worked.(new years) As soon as the ball drops I get a medical emergency call over my radio. The call is one of my friends addresses. So I floor my unit all the way over there and wait for back-up because it's reported that the my friend has a gun. We get into the house and there he is sitting on the couch with a shotgun in his hand holding it across his lap, and rocking back and forth saying " Don't let the evil children see me!" over and over again. One of the guy with me grabbed the gun once he put it down, and handed it to me, and we did a trans port and had him admitted. The fucked up think is he is also military police,and I worked with him alot. I really didn't see this coming.


Baba Yaga
Thanks for attempting to give me bad rep. But you see I got a grey block not red. Which means your rep has no effect :)
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Anyway, judging by the feeble rep attempt, you seem to have misunderstood my comment. Sorry I assumed you'd be intelligent enough to know what I was shooting for.

What I meant by that was that; here you knew this guy, and nobody saw it coming. He must have had some issues, and tragically, he was able to hide it well. Had he gotten some help with whatever drove him to this, we may not be having this conversation.

And, by the way; my condolences for your loss.