On TV Thoughts on the Jojo and One Piece anime adaptations


Watching Jojo is so rewarding and fun. I did not read the manga, so I look forward to seeing what's around the corner in this 20+ year old story. I'm on part 5 and I think David Productions has stepped up their game so much from the beginning. Like I said though, came 20+ years after these parts concluded and settled. Part 5 is actually from the mid-90s, while being adapted today and I think there is a severely strong advantage to waiting so long to adapt the show. Even the part 3 OVA's from the 90s and 2000s came about 1 year after the manga finished!

Contrast this with One Piece. I love the shit out of One Piece just like I do Jojo. I began watching it before Spring Break 2014 and caught up pretty soon and I love the journey I'm being taken on. Except the anime is pretty close to the manga, which was produced in 1999 and 1997, respectively. My current problem is that the anime is slow as molasses. Holy moly. Broly.
Luffy vs. Katakuri is so freaking slow that just like the other parts of this damn arc. I have to take BREAKS from watching One Piece because it's so boring. Not only that, it's more of the same crap where the hero must acquire yet another power to win. Formulaic as fuccola!
I hear the manga is much better, though, but I don't really plan to read it.

I used to love the way shounen did fights, but when I saw an old fight from Fairy Tail between Gray and Lyon vs. Racer, based on what I saw from Jojo, there was a lot of lost potential, although I love the solution the heroes came up with to win. Even if Hirohiko Araki is slightly loose with plot elements, the way he writes and paces fights alone are to die for and I wish manga and anime today could somewhat subvert or even improve on his formula. One Piece almost did this, but then introduced Haki, reducing battles to trading lightning-styled blows. The Awakening concept should have been what was explored, but I still think Eiichiro Oda is a great writer. With the combo of the long and complex, vs. the short, sweet, and winding, the way these adaptations are written ultimately makes feel tired and/or excited.

One more thing: I love the musical references in Jojo and the classical literature and historical references from One Piece! Both help inform the consumer what the character behind the reference may be like!