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Throwing up and you.


Powdered Toast Man
Just wondering if any of you drunkards throw up most of the time when you drink. If you do, do you get used to it? I threw up tonight, and it sucked ass. I'd rather sober up slower and get hangovers rather than throw up and sober quicker with less of a hangover. (that's what happens to me anyway)

OR do you drink until you reach happy mode or whatever mode and enjoy the night instead of crawling all over the floor like I did :thumbsup:


Banned - What an Asshat!
i dont actually throw up, i tend to drink myself stupid n still wake up pissed in the morning/afternoon and then spend the rest of the day promising myself i'll never do it again. And also your not the only 1 who finds the floor a prefered mode of transport, its alot safer you got less distance to fall:)