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The Iron Lung
I just woke up like 45 minutes ago with one though on my mind, "Shit I have to get going!", problem is that, today is my day off, from everything, I dont have to be up until noon, but i got up at 6. As I tried to remember why I woke up so early, i started thinking about how time was/is affecting me. We think of time as a series of moments but these moments, although they are directly affecting us, are indifferent to our actions, wants, needs, whatever. Its like an endless row of cold, empty moments, marching along and we are the observers. So then if this is true, what are our memories? Are they moments that we have tainted with some striking event in our lives, so much so that they have ceased to be these cold and lifeless things and are now an extension of us? Then, to delve even further, what of the pointless memories? For example, I remember the license plate number of a car that passed me a few weeks ago. I remember what I was thinking, what was playing in my car, what street we were on, everything. The interesting thing is that there was nothing striking about the number or the car or the driver. On the flipside of that, I want to recall some of a conversation I had today with someone, but I cant. This plate number was a few weeks ago, and the conversation was today. It almost begins to look like the moments are choosing me, more so than I get to choose them. If this is the case, then, what the hell? If i'm not even in control of my own memories, then who can say that my actions are for me to determine? Or my thoughts? What if everything I am, is a means to someone elses end?

I wrote this in between yawns cause its 6/7 in the fucking morning. I just couldnt sleep knowing that I might forget this.


Somewhere in the Between
Ha kids have to get up every day at 6:30 deal with it.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
When thinking of a particular thing (a cars license plate, in this instance), it is common for something that simple to trigger other memories, sometimes ones that can date back many years. I forget the actual name for this.. Maybe State Dependant Memory.. not sure.

Fact is, memories get encoded into your brain in many different ways, most of which your conscious self is unaware of. For some reason, your brain encoded the liscense plate into your memory, and it got transferred from short term memory (which has a limited capacity) to long term memory (which is unlimited in its capacity).

When you are trying to consciously encode a memory into your brain, usually what aides this is repetition and spacial rememberance. (For instance, say you were talking about Beethoven in your conversation. If thinking about Beethoven brings forth a memory you had of a really long paper you once had to write on him, thinking about school and essays will trigger the memory of your conversation.)

To clarify and generalize this, it has to do with the retrieval of memories. Just because you cant REMEMBER a specific event, doesn't mean you have forgotton it. You just have not triggered a stimulation in your brain which will retrieve this memory.

My guess is you haven't forgotton the conversation. I bet, if you recorded it and played it back to yourself, everything you said will pop back into your head, and you'll go "Oh, yeah, I remember doing that." It's all about retrieval.


The Iron Lung
I think the word you were looking for is schema , A linking of seemingly unrelated events/images/words in your subconscious. My argument was an attempt at explaining your explanation on a more metaphysical note. I understand the "chemistry" or process through which stimuli are made into "memory", my question was WHY have we evolved with this set of "memory laws" that you outlined. The idea behind Darwins evolution is a cold, calculating evolution. "Bigger teeth, you win the fight, you live", "Bigger brain, you make tools, you live". Where do the "laws" that govern what we can recall fit into this? My survival has not, does not, and probably will not depend on the recall of trivial facts such as a license plate number. This is what puzzles me.

As for the marijuana thing.
It didnt used to when I was kinda seems like it caught up with me. I remember stalking around the apartment with my Portuguese book in my hand, looking for my Portuguese book. I kinda layed off the smoke so as to pursue more "intellectual" conversation. Got tired of hearing "Maaaaaaaannnnn" after every sentence.


Banned - What an Asshat!
bigck3000 said:
I just woke up like 45 minutes ago with one though on my mind, "Shit I have to get going!", problem is that, today is my day off, from everything, I dont have to be up until noon, but i got up at 6.
You got up at 6? I don't believe it. Cuz you posted at Today, 04:11 AM
So waking up 45 minutes ago would be something like 3:34 am. So you need to learn how to tell time.
On second thought, I just realized I set my WTF settings to my time zone, no wonder.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Timezones, Smoke.

Do you ever think that life has pixels? Matter is grainy - there is a smallest division of matter. In the same way, there's a smallest division of time - I beleive it's called a planck. If there's a smallest unit of time, then it means that life has a framerate, which means that all movement is jerky - so how the hell does that work?

Think about it - there is no fluidity in movement. That just fucks with my mind.


Trance Addict
This principle of random memory remembrance isn't uncommon, but I wouldn't go to say as though the "moments" are chosing us.

Sometimes your brain is triggered by thoughts of a past emotion, usually very abstract and unable to be put into words. I remember very distinctly listening to certain music and exactly what was happening in certain parts of my life, and nothing was special about them. Sometimes if I'm in a familiar place, whether it be atmosphere-related, music-related, or dream-related, I find certain ways to remember instances of my life. You may have been simply thinking about the song you were listening to. Songs carry many memories, even ones that arent necessarily important.


The Iron Lung
About the fluidity of time

I was reading about the metaphyics behind death, some people argue that you never die, because at the moment of death you are no longer you. And that there is no "in between" with the moments. Its like one moment you are you and the next you are nothing. I definatly have to read more on this shit before i make an ass of myself.....


One Way In, No Way Out
Interesting read CK, really made me think. I have to agree, it's strange how the mind works, what it lets you remember with ease and what it locks away.


Was machen Sie?
so you question why you can recall certain seemingly insignificant things while important ones are sometimes hard to come by, AND you also want to know what purpose evolutionarily this has in its development?

well as for me, i rarely remember stupid insignificant things. i know it sounds odd but i seriously spend little time consciously recalling things. and unconciously, mostly only when i dream. the things i do recall that are insginificant unconsciously are mostly visual. like the color, shape or face on a product i normally buy or more significantly the way to someone's home. i hardly day dream. i hardly "zone out" different in that instead of thinking of something, i think of nothing.

i am beginning to think i am weird. there's no loop playing in my head like yours. am i weird? because i notice everything, am very observant, memorize stuff too that isn't necessary but no loop.

evolution has adapted humans to be this way because at one time it was life or death remembering seemingly insignificant things...and may still be?