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Tiny Stories


Angel of Death
Got this Idea off a diffrent website.

Write a 100 word story with out repeating a word.

(the, an, and, is, are, were, where, there, she, he, it, I, me, they, us, we don't count as repeated words, as you have to repeat them to make sentances.)

The Band of Hope
Written for my husband

It came in the mail in a little red velvet box all wrapped under brown paper with an address from some place I would never see nor know exactly where. My fingers toiled with the covering gently tearing it away while bring back memories of a sorrowful wedding that only whispered “goodbye…” I opened up the small carton and inside was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. All the way from Iraq came a silver and gold wedding ring just to tell me that not even war could destroy our love.

© 2005 Angel Marie Shelafoe​