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Title in progress


Looking for truth
No title for this one yet (I'm not very good at titles).

On and on life goes,
the years keep passin by.
One lonely day,
with a few years left before I die.
I walked through a long hall,
saw a mirror on the wall.
Looked into the glass,
scared of the man I saw.
Where is the man behind the milky eyes?
Since when did he put on this disguise?
How did the scars add up so fast?
Why did this man stay behind in the past?
How am I old when I was young just then?..
I fell back in horror,
ran down the hall lookin for the door.
All the while,
a shadow crept across the floor.
And then a shade appeared,
before me dressed in black.
He screamed," I'm here,
here to take you back."
When did the man in the mirror decide to get old?
Why can't my aged face match the youth of my soul?
Why is my memory fading?
Youth is betraying.
How am I old when I was young just then?
I want to go back and live it once again.
Well experience is wasted on the old,
youth is wasted on the young.
We can live a life paved in gold,
until the death bell tolls,
and then we're done.
A bad life full of confusion,
has the same end as a good one lived in
We live our lives in a flash,
like falling drops of rain.
Death comes too fast.
and takes us all the same.