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Headlines Today In History: Almost the end of the world.


September 26, 1983: Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov of the Soviet Union averted a worldwide nuclear war.


Stanislav Evgrafovich Petrov (Russian: Станислав Евграфович Петров) (born c. 1939) is a retired Russian Army colonel who, on September 26, 1983, averted a potential nuclear war by refusing to accept that the United States had launched missiles against the USSR, despite the indications given by his computerized early warning systems. The Soviet computer reports were later shown to have been in error, and Petrov is credited with preventing World War III and the devastation of much of the Earth by nuclear weapons. Because of military secrecy and international policy, Petrov's actions were kept secret until 1998.

This incident is one of dozens of high-risk decisions that were made by strategic nuclear forces over the years of the Cold War, often at the last minute, by administrative personnel far from the chain of command. It only became known much later due to military secrecy. The US certainly experienced similar events, and the USSR may have experienced others that remain unknown to this day.

More at the Wikipedia entry.


Chaotic Neutral
I'm currently reading Noam Chomsky's latest book and he talks about shit like that. Chomsky is one of the very few people in America, among universitaries and intellectuals, who actually read recently un-classified documents in national archives who were kept secret for 15, 20, sometimes 40 years. His book is very interesting, in English I think it's "Hegemony or Survival".


A Rampant Vagitarian
krhm... yes and I also referred to this incident in a previous thread. Good to bring it up nonetheless..
Gives you something to think about.

O and rage, it´s a great book. I am currently reading Chomskys "Profit over people:Neoliberalism and Global order"

Also there is for sale in Finland two books i would like to recommend. I don´t know if they are translated from some original version, or are they just gathered info in, this case, two books. They are: Noam Chomsky - ideology & power 1 & 2.
Outstanding books.
They have everything :)
economy, propaganda, new world order, USA´s former and current foreign policy, stuff on Anarchism, the elite.

alos in the shelf waiting is "the black book of communism". and a little Dostojevski. :)

If this is available in your country, buy it.


Well.. It all has to do with statistics.
You can prove statistically that someone pressing the wrong button and in that way starting a nuclear war happens only 1 time in a million years, but don't be surprised if it happens the next day!

I think the laws of Murphey work for this man-system interactions:
"If something can go wrong, it will surely do so."

And I would like to add..

The more complex the safety system, the more dangerous it will be. :cool:


anyone heard of Samantha Smith? this isn't off topic at all, it has everything to do with this current topic

look her up on wikipedia.... it's so sad when people die at such a young age


Woah we could all be dead now. Thank god there is people who still use their brains and not just follow orders.
Makes me think of this film about a submarine with Denzel Washington and this old guy i forgot his name. In the film D.Wwashington is the second officer and prevents the captain from launching an early attack on a russian submarine.


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Kiwi said:
Makes me think of this film about a submarine with Denzel Washington and this old guy i forgot his name. In the film D.Wwashington is the second officer and prevents the captain from launching an early attack on a russian submarine.
the film was 'operation petticoat', i think you maybe have mr washington and tony curtis mixed up.. it was the movie where they paint the submarine pink and get a group of nuns to live on it with them, a classic..
cary grant admitted that it was during the making of this movie that he first experimented with LSD.

Operation Petticoat was to take in $8 million at the box office and to bring Grant almost $3 million as his percentage of the profits, more than he had ever made from a film before.

During the film shoot a highly publicized article on Grant's LSD usage came to light. Grant attended weekly counseling sessions with a psychiatrist, which included doses of the drug. Grant opened himself up to journalist Joe Hyams as he had never before with any journalist and described his experience with LSD. The article appeared in the New York Herald Tribune and the subsequent publicity convinced Grant to never be as candid with a reporter ever again.,,76183%7C76184%7C31298,00.html


Banned - What an Asshat!
junglizm said:
Haha, that movie rocks. Although, I think he was talking about Crimson Tide.
i know..;)

i was just pissing about.. couldn't help myself, sorry for changing the gravitas nature of the thread.

but i love the fact that he was tripping in a pink sub at least a decade before the beatles got a yellow one.. what a dude!