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Headlines Tom Cruise launches war on psychiatrists



WTMF!? Here we go again. Blame everyone except for the people who are most responsible: PARENTS. Oh, the parents are never to blame! It was video games, music, television, movies, teachers, the internet that did little Johnny (or whoever) in! Heaven forbid parents should ever have to take responsibility for their children!

Mr. Brainstorm is blaming psychiatrists for lower SAT scores (amongst other things) because "all the kids are on drugs". So when a child is given a prescription for a drug, who has it filled? Thats right, the parents! A child may not know that these drugs may do them more harm than good, but the adults should know how to think for themselves. Is it just me, or wouldn't you like to know what you are feeding your kid? I mean, I am not arguing the fact that too many kids are on drugs, it's just that like I said, once again the blame is being deflected onto the doctors when the parents are the ones giving the kids the pills. Nobody is holding guns to these peoples' heads making them do this. Mr. Cruise even said it himself: as a child when the doctors wanted to put him on drugs, his mother refused. So what's stopping all these other parents from saying "no"? Hell, I think some of the parents take their children to psychiatrists specifically to have them put on drugs so they don't have to deal with crap anymore.

Any thoughts?


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
My thoughts seem to follow your thoughts. People use these drugs as an excuse not to parent their little spoiled uncontrollable monsters. People should look into why every 2 parent family has 2 parents working and strangers raising their kids, and nobody at home to watch them. That would be better in the long run.


Hella Constipated
I'd launch a bigger war. Janssen Pharms took eight years out of my life with that Risperdal bullshit.

Fuck them.