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Too much stress, life really sucks.


I just-
I'm already so overwhelmed by study,sexuality and financial sad broke student issues but thanks to family I have to be overwhelmed by how I dress or how I style-
I'm a 19 years old human living fay away from family- In another god damn country.
Like why the heck this is your business.
Not just that my friends get judged by how they look and then they ask me why don't I send pictures with my friends...My friend was called a psychopath just by his picture..This is so tragic.They also judge people if their financial state does not seem as good ....(As if our families one is any better it's much worse actually they mostly have properties but not a lot of actual money)...and at the same time they keep telling me to be have good styling, make money and be "better" than other to feel "superior" Like I don't care less-
I don't like public attention which is VERY unlike them and no I don't want to seem like someone with "high class" and an amazing fashion sense-
Not that their advises are right, they are so god damn outdated.
I'm so stressed.
I can't even be in peace for a second because of how stressed our and self conscious I am....
I want to throw my phone and break it or just quit social media for at least a month but then I'll be hearing things like:
You don't like us anymore-- Or what's wrong and if I explain it to them they will make me the bad person-
I know it's something small but I already have a lot of stress and this makes things much worse. It triggers it more ofc I have a lot of other issues but I want to be able to do something in peace at least but all I feel is a very burden full of stress-
I just can't, it's so annoying...............
I know there are much worse problems around but I can't help this stress.

Okay, I'm done.
Here let me share a piece of art: