WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Took Me Long Enough... But HELLS YEAH!

I made a fucking flash! I thought it was hard but it's kind of simple and the end product is beautiful. Here's the very simple yet exquisite flash I made.

Give it a 1-10. Keep in mind that I've never made a flash before and no one ever taught me. I learned how to myself.
Awww, its soo cute, so muhrm, special... i love it :p. I bet the guys would have given you a 10 (plus rep) if you had it linked to a porn site though... ;)


Its a green dot thats says click here, i click, and it girects me to google. WTF, is that whats supposed to be going on?


Funnier than a 5th grader
BklynCannonball said:
CL give him a break, he's just giving props.
Yes I understand that. But if he would read some more into what most have said, it was mostly sarcasm and some confusion. Hell, I was confused when I checked it out.

He appears to be the sensitive type who gets all defensive over the internet. He could have given a compliment in a different manner.

It really doesn't matter to me though. He can be an asshat all he wants.
Actually this flash was pretty crappy now that I look at it. I can now make basic flash games where left and right move your character around. (can't upload it because my demo for the flash thing expired)

I can also make the button follow a path and do other fun stuff. If you want to learn how to flash animate go to

It's a free demo for 7 or 8 days so use it after you read through all the stuff.