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Total bullshit

I recently was involved in an accident at work which left me unable to work for the last couple of months. Because of this I've had to go on welfare.
I applied for housing benefit and was told that I have too many rooms in my house for one person so will not receive full benefit. WTF!!!! If I had someone else living here they'd still come up with the same decision due to the council tax laws (single people get a 25% (WOW) reduction. AND they're sending a rent assessment officer round to inspect my place!?! AND they still haven't made any payments to my landlord.
I have an income protection plan that's meant to be paid if I'm unable to work. Guess what? They're trying everything so as not to pay out. How the fuck are people meant to survive on the meagre payouts welfare gives (£110/$205 per fortnight)? AND why should one person have to pay the same living expenses as a couple? What about giving a single person discount on other living costs??
I've learnt one thing from doesn't pay to be ill.
Bureaucratic bullshit!!! :mad:

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Here, if someone gets injured on the job, there's a Workman's Compensation Plan, or something to that effect, which is different than welfare. Maybe you can look into that?
As I'd been working for an agency for about a month I wasn't entitled to their sick pay so no choice but benefits. There are two types; Incapacity Benefit and Income Support. There's not a great deal of difference between them really.
The only other thing I've seen here are those 'had an accident...' 'where there's a blame...' claim lines ;) . There was another bloke that worked at the same agency placement that got a hernia from doing the same job, about four months earlier. The agency manager gave me a call to tell me that and the fact that he was thinking about ending the account with the company because of the accident rate.
Gonna have to get spme advice.