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Traffic Stop Survey

Okay, I got a question for everyone, and it may gonna sound like a stupid question, because to me - the answer is fucking obvious, but maybe I'm naive.

Please answer honestly to this, and don't give some stupid answer like, SHIT I FUCKIN RUN! Cause unless you want a glock in your ear, no matter how cool you think you are, that's not a valid option. So with that in mind...

You are going down the road, and you realize that there is a patrol car behind you with lights going. What do you do?


Hooked on Rocks!
Stop Stupit, unless U want a bullet to the back of your head.

Run like hell. If you got a pound of meth in the passenger seat! :steering:
offer him a beer and a donut and tell him to shut the fuck up.

or, before he can say "licence and registration please" say it before him.