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Traffic Wardens


Never Mind
I was in Earls Court the other day working hard just trying to earn a living, when all of a sudden my mate says "traffic wardens move your motor" So as quick as i can i run to the car in the stupid hope of not getting busted, quickly followed by my mate Big Kev, only to find the bastard writing a ticket. Without any hessitation Big Kev says " i do hope for your sake that ticket aint for me mate!!" the traffic warden replies "n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,no" I thought nice one Kev, Then the bastard turns round and says " it's for this one " and slaps a ticket on my car "BOLLOCKS":( Now i'm not the biggest of blokes but can your build and appearence really save you money in such a blatant way?

:mfinger: to the money grabbing councils who get enough money already