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Treatise on Theatrical Time Travel


As summer enevitably brought boredom, I have recently found myself with a lot of time to think. This is usually a bad thing, however I have had a few good things come from my new found thinking time. One such thought occured while watching the Terminator movies. If you think about, logically we have been marketed impossibilities through these movies. They are really pointless once you realize that John Conner can't die. If he were to die it would cause a paradox. If John Conner were to be killed by the Terminator or anything else that came after him, then in the future the machines would have never sent the Terminator back to kill John Conner because he wasn't alive to cause problems. But if they don't send the Terminator back to kill him, then he doesn't die and the machines send the Terminator back to kill him. Since the machines obviously do send the Terminator back then he obviously didn't die. Another note on the Terminator movies. In the third movie when Arnold (The Terminator) tells John that he is the one that kills him in the future, then wouldn't the future John have known to avoid the homocidal (sp?) robot and thus survived. If he had survived then the robots program would have been different and the past John Conner would have been able to command the robot instead of the woman.

Anyway, the paradox can also be aplied to USA's series, The 4400. Logically the 4400 have to fail to save the future. If they were to succeed then the future humans ouldn't have gone to the trouble of reengineering them in the furture. Thus there would no longer be a 4400 to save the future. See, paradox once again.

The point of this has been to point out that movies involving time travel are often illogical and even pointless. So, any thoughts or perhaps even more movies with similar flaws?
Erm...I think you missed the obvious point revealed at the end of the third Terminator movie... John said it himself that the future is unchangable. Judgement Day arrived and went off as predicted. Knowing wether or not the Terminator is going to kill him in the future makes no difference at all, because if he didn't know it, chances are it would kill him in his sleep. If he DID know it and he was paranoid to the nine hells and stayed away from one gathering, the terminator would kill him as he ran the other way.

The future is set and there's no getting around it or changing it...that's the premise of the Terminator movies.

Timeline was a very good time-travel movie. The 'problem' you would see with it, is that the french guy realised that the concrete memorial they found in present day was built for him as he married the french princess/dutchess or whatever she was. The memorial had only one ear though...and when a sword was swung towards him and snagged his ear off...that's when he realised it was he who was immortalised by the statue. He already 'loved' Lady Claire (I think that's what her name was) and he had decided to stay with her.

Does this mean that if he hadn't have known it was built for him, that he would have gone back home? Of course not. It's a movie *laughs* Besides, he had already met the woman and was in love with her...he wouldn't be able to stand going back home.

They're just movies designed for the imagination dude...seriously, don't blow a gasket trying to figure it out, alrighty? :p