Tribute (just frigging read it, you'll get the title in a minute)

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Banned - What an Asshat!
FS got banned? Now who am I going to hate? I mean, Im really going to miss his wittiness. I guess that leaves a couple people on my list.....

Oh, and I posted this in b&t becuase he always posted in here, so it seemed appropriate.

Plus Im just trying to piss one of his faggot ass friends off.

Why? because this is b&t and its fun when its not disgusting.

So this is my tribute to the end of a short and unnoticed era:

Fuck you for starters and your little friends (you guys know who you are), you were even more hateful than I can be, and that is pretty hard to do since I have tons of unused rage. I hope you graduate and lead an unremarkable life. When you grow up, you'll understand that better.

Fucking bitches anyways.
Not open for further replies.