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What do you guys think about the whole "Truth" and "Stand" anti-tobacco campaigns. I personally think that although their intentions are good, they don't realize the impact that the illegalization of tobacco would have on thousands of tobacco farmers accross the country who depend on that to put food on the table. Don't get me wrong, cigarettes disgust me, but I say if someone wants to char their lungs, let them. I do, however believe that smoking should be banned in certain public places, like restaurants, etc. You have the right to do whatever you want to your own body, but that doesn't mean you should be able to force other people to breathe it.

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I think that the "Truth" and "Stand" anti-smoking propaganda is really annoying. They have people go on and say they have relatives that died from smoking. They decided to smoke and it's their fault they are dead. Or they'll have someone on that says they got cancer from second hand smoke and that justifies a total ban on ciggaretes. No it doesn't. You do as Ferengi said and ban them from some public places. And then they've got their little ads where they show the companies coming up with ideas to attract kids to smoking. They're all from the 70's and never went through. They're businesses thats what they do. Who didn't seethat coming. A business trying to attract more customers. Who'd a thunk it? :rolleyes:


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I don't think the ads have any effect on people at all.

I think the worst part of it all is that people are so against smoking, something that takes decades to kill you, and yet they aren't for tougher driving legislation when driving kills many people, and ruins so many others, in an instant. They should focus their efforts on things that kill you now, not things that will kill you over decades if you're dumb enough to do it. Just my two cents.


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I Hate The FCC said:
It's aimed at chyldren. It's like Hitler's Propaganda machine or like Fox (Bush's propaganda machine).

FCC has it right. For adults, smokers and even most teens, these commercials have very little impact. But for the younger children they do have some impact. How much remains to be seen.

As far as the farmers loosing their livelihoods, those same farmers will simply move on to other crops. Perhaps not as profitable but they will find other cash crop to grow. Besides, how long is it until someone gets the bright idea to sue the Tobacco farmers for their contribution to the whole thing.

Oh, and the nicotine from the tobacco plant is used for other things besides cigarets and related items. Like insecticide.