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Brain Spout

Wizard No More
BrIONwoshMunky said:
I just sounded it out... Tur Bone Gro... it's obviously a diet supplement for bone growth.
actually i saw this instead:
turbo negro, which is some sort of extremely fast black person


Banned - What an Asshat!
Actually, Turbonegro isn't that bad. "Ass Cobra" and "Scandinavian Leather" are in my opinion their better CDs.

Oh yeah, and its definitley pronounced like the quick ass blackie (no I'm not racist, it just sounds cool).


Being naked just feels so a-peeling
I was in provinssi this year and saw turbonegro..they have interesting music, I like it + I got a dollar from them "One zillion dollar" with "hank from helvete" on friend got the drummers hat, it's a sailor hat. they seem gay, hank from helvete is the gayest fat person Ive seen with my own eyes. But they are listenable ;)

boyfriend says: they are from norway not sweden..aaand their music isnt's ballads and more like britney spears ;) haha no..bad joke they are like punkrock thingys they call it "death punk"