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I swear to god I cannot stand the horsecrap that is on network tv these days, nor the people who actually sit and watch that crap; mainly reality shows which have gone way to far by now..such AS:
(these are not all reality tv, just tv i hate)
The Swan
American Idol (and all its spinoffs (teen idol etc)
Survivor (spinoffs)
Temptation Isle
The Bachelor
My Big fat fiance or whatever it was called
Who wants to be a Millionare

I seriously want to kick people in the head when I am forced to see a moment of any of these shows as a I walk past. One should try in books, not goddamn newsweek or some 6th grade reading level publication.

Deez Nutz

I are baboon!
I don't watch any of that shit, I usually watch:
Comedy Central
Spike TV

Uh, yea, that's about it. I don't really watch TV that much anymore.

Deez Nutz

I are baboon!
Fuck reading, it's boring. Usually when I'm at home I'm doing things on the computer. Listening to music, playing games, talking to my friends, and other shit. TV doesn't really have that much good stuff on anymore. If I had a car and a license I'd never be home.


Buster of Asses
I like going to public places where I can sit and laugh at the people as they walk by. Sometimes, I point while I'm laughing.

Laughter is good for you.