Twist.. Abducted or challenged..?

TwisT, has his posts been going to shit?

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Banned - What an Asshat!
TwisT said:
Looky here! leave the family out bitch! thats your last resort and now your out of come backs! Now your just a sorry ass punked bitch. Take your bitch slapped ass back to the trailer and re-think your two paragraph flamin bullshit! So far i've fucked you up with one liners and all you got for me is a couple of paragraphs about my mom and I, which may have worked 10 years ago. But now it's just played out! Then you hit me with my gayness, which is an argument that doesn't exist! Now my son????? He's 7, and he'd fuck you up standin on his head playin Pokemon!

I'm done with you! Your thread ain't worth the toilet paper I wiped my ass with this mornin!

FUCKBAG. :mfinger:
not good to let some one break you down.... back to the drawing board you go, don't forget to stop by the fucktard list and put your name on it, you've waorked hard to earn your spot so you can have the honors of puttin yourself on it......... L8.
Wow.. Just.. Wow.. So you admit that your family is retarded.. Hmm.. Interesting.. So when did I say that was my last resort? Oh yeah! I didn't! So I'm a punk bitch now huh? Uhh.. FYI You said "SON" referring to me in one of your posts, and I replied saying if I was ever your son I'd shoot myself, way to go mr. thinker.. Yet, you actaully have a son? Thats very sad that at your age your arguing with a teenager and getting your ass handed to you.. With a nice pretty bink bow because everyone knows it gets you giddy.. As for your son I'd just have to drop kick him in the face while he's playing that useless peice of shit gameboy, have fun buying all that pokemon shit for him..

I'm surprised that first of all you can afford toilet paper, and second you actually use it!

So basically your flame was just pointing out my flames to YOU?.. Mmm pitiful.. Come back when you've grown up bitch.. Or after you've been whipped by your wife for the day..
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