Type like this and God himself will come over to your house and kick your ass.


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hey yo idk about u guys but i own like a ps2 and a gc and a dreamcast cuz the dreamcast is like really old but still better than like anything else there is and the gc is just cheap innovative and cool plus it was made buy the best nintendo and it was made for gaming "JUST GAMING" and ya its got alot of kiddie games but sum kiddie games r fun and it kinda has adult games too in fact sum adult games on gc r gc only and i got the ps2 cuz my litl bro wanted it and ya it has all the games gc doesnt and its just an ok system but 1 thing fo sho is that the xbox is big dum ugly unoriginal and also a sad attempt to make a system all it does is play computer games with all the graphic settings and resolution down and it also plays the games already on ps2 and gc but it likes to load every 2 seconds and freeze and crash as much as it can and ya im probly guna get alota ppl arguing with me but thats just my opinion

sry i didnt realize i had to type periods to make sense i just assumed u couldl figure it out idk y but i thought mayb ppl like u could figure it out hmm mayb u should go back to skool

o ya u want ur periods .....................................................................

happy now?


ys i was a litl harsh but yes i have seen an xbox crash many a time my frend owned 1 and it seriously did crash alot

well i am in a good mood and all so i just wana say sry 4 goin ballistic on u
my frends here r tellin me to keep cussin u out but thats kool its just a forum ppl r sorta supposed to argue especially a topic like this it can get very heated and ill try and work on my grammar and punctuation later


Omfg. Gawd of Dune. :OO
Get him a female tutor. When she starts to seduce him..Yeah. Have the tutor take a knife to him. :D *Stabs up through abdomen into heart*


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Is that a form of english for retards? Like internet hooked on phonics for kindergarteners?


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I agree with you on that note. Death to cuteness. You know, about your post, it seems oddly familiar... Oh! That's right! I made a post that talked about that shitty, lazy-ass way people write, and I got shit for it. Oh, well...I'm in too much of a good mood to bitch overly much.