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Headlines U.S. Congress: GOP Nuclear Option


Original Dicksman
Anybody who has been keeping up with American politics knows the current buzz-phrase Nuclear Option in regards to the Republican threats to change the Senate rules about filibustering judicial nominations. When the the Supreme Court vacancies first openned, while we have a Republican dominated House and Senate and Bush administration, I was very disturbed by Frist's threads to change the Senate rules.
The idea that they had both Houses of Congress along with the White House and they were moving to remove an important check and balance, so that they could gain greater control over the Supreme Court was down right terrifying. What made it especially appalling was the slim margins they gained their majorities by. It boils down to: the G.O.P. currently has Congress and the White House and a conservative leaning Supreme Court, and now they are attempting to get Alito on the bench to push our top judical branch even further to the right.
Alito appears to be entirely too conservative to interpret the Constitution in the best interests of the whole population of the U.S., hence the Democrats are very likely to use a filibuster to prevent the slim Republican majority from approving his nomination. The filibuster is not simply a means of obstruction that a small minority can hold over the head of the Senate. Initially needing the same backing needed to overturn a presidental veto, it was lowered to 60% in 1975, the filibuster has been in use for over a hundred years to prevent slim majorities from overstepping their bounds.
However, Frist is has threatenned to change the Senate rules to ban filibusters for judical nomination confirmation votes. To me that reads, "I don't like the rules of the game in this situation, therefore we shall change the rules to fit our goals".
That's BULLSHIT!!! That has been my feelings on the matter for last few months.... But in light of GOP office holders getting indicted for foul play of various types and the Bush administration under increasing fire, it looks more and more, everyday that decade long Republican domination of the Congress will end next year. :D With this very real possibility, it seems like a stupid move for the Republican to over-empower the majority when they are about to become the minority. What do you think?


Where are you waiting for?
Why do you think the Founding Fathers gave you the right to bear arms?

It was to defend the Constitution against a fascist coup like the Neocons did in the USA of today.

Take back the flag!

And another thing..
Hitler was also hell bent on the "Final Solution".
The Bible Belt is also talking about Armageddon.. Get it?


Divides by Zero
Every time I turn around the neocons are doing something else that disgusts and disappoints me.

My blood pressure is too high for this shit. Ugh...


Well here is the one thing we can look forward to.

When push comes to shove people will not lay down and go quietly.

If the Neocons actually succeed in getting all of our rights removed from the constitution (animal farm anyone?!) The people of the united states ( i hope) will rise up and do what we do best when we are pissed off. RIOT.


I must admit that I am more conservative when it comes to political values, but the current trend of overruninng the constitution has got my panties in a bunch.

I remeber watching in horror on C-Span one evening a vote in Congress on wether the president should come back to Congress and give info on how the war in Afghanistan was going..after all one representative stated even your father (Bush Sr.) kept us up to date on what was going on..The houses voted (only 1 opposed) that for the sake of national security that the president would be spared this. A huge alarm went off for me..I don't think anyone should be granted that much power so that they are allowed to keep something as important and delicate as war quiet.

As for the filibuster..Good lord help us all. Checks and balances were put in place for a make people compromise and come to a fair decision.