Headlines U.S. ranked 28th out 40 in terms of student math abilities


The Iron Lung
that sucks...but what percentage of our population really aspire to anything beyond minimum wage, working in daddy's garage, type jobs. We are a nation of under-achievers......its a self-inflicted vicious-cycle and nobody gives a shit.



This whole idea sucks anyway...
The Netherlands have a bright and very intelligent population.
The highest IQ rates in the world.

Still we don't govern the world, because we have a sloppy government, and it's old news that the dummies have taken over the media.
The same as in the good old USA!

As an old Dutch proverb is saying:

The most stupid farmers have the biggest potatoes.

(Tongue in cheek)


Chaotic Neutral
who cares ? If America can't produce scientists, we'll buy them from other countries! God bless America.


Resident Conservative
jstager said:
This PDF file shows that we really have to get

conservatives out of our country, so we can finally reform our school

well it looks like you found the problem(curriculum)... but you fingered the wrong culprit(conservatives)

as the graphic attached shows... BTW from your PDF file... the US spends more money then the other countries... yet has a sub par result...
it is the conservatives that want accountability in schools...
if you don't know the material ... well you remain in that grade...
Liberals often favor the ideals of "social promotion"... so as not to hurt the youth's feelings...
it is liberals that always think that if you douse the problem with more money ... it will fix it...

raise taxes..
expensive bad education + more money = more expensive bad education...

now .. with that said... I am not a huge fan of "No child...LB.. " but its better than just putting more money into the fire pit... I feel that kids in the US have a bad attitude about school and education.. your PDF file supports this.. therefore lots of them just do whats needed to pass...
we need to figure out what the "higher" nations are doing that is different... and develop a plan that works like thiers...