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Headlines U.S. to Boost Troop Presence in Iraq to 150,000


Seeker of Truth
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military will temporarily boost its troop strength in Iraq to about 150,000 from a current level of 138,000 to provide extra security for Iraqi elections set for Jan. 30, defense officials said on Wednesday.

The increase will be achieved by keeping thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq for short-term extensions of current yearlong deployments even after their replacements arrive this month and in early January for a previously scheduled rotation, according to the officials, who asked not to be named.

The boost will also include a temporary deployment to Iraq of about 1,500 elite 82nd Airborne Division soldiers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, officials said.

"There will be some short-term deployments of additional troops to help with security," said one the defense officials. "This will all boost our military presence to about 150,000 over the short term."

The military sent 1,100 82nd Airborne soldiers to Afghanistan in September to boost security for the presidential election there. Polling took place in Afghanistan on Oct. 9 with little violence.

A defense official said some Army soldiers whose scheduled departures out of Iraq are being postponed in order to increase the overall troop levels will serve somewhat longer than the one-year duty in Iraq that Pentagon leaders had promised them.

Temporarily, right...

Well, with this new election under his belt, he's bound and determined to kill even more people, who did not attack us.

I guess this means we'll always be there to watch over their elections. They certainly can't run their own elections, no less their own country.


Banned - What an Asshat!
That's ridiculous. Those people shouldn't be staying there - a lot of them were going to go home in November/December, but now they have to stay until March. WTF US ARMY?!