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Headlines uh oh... New Iberia is expecting.

SHIT. we live on the northside of New Iberia. They have a mandatory evacuation for southside. Should we leave?

(if you need an opinion from a weather station, the ZIP is 70560)
DementialWave said:
That depends, can your family afford to evacuate?
That depends on 2 factors. a) if Hibernia can get their shit together in N.Orleans and have debit cards running, and b) if chase bank can hold out the hurricane, my Credit Card will be fine. As of now, I can afford it.

Darklight said:
that and do you wanna loot and pillage?
I don't.. but other people do. One of the bad things of living in a rich PUBLIC neighborhood is that anyone is allowed to come in.

Unless they put a mandatory evac in. In that case, we pack:

1 tv
Cell Phones and Chargers
Family Photos (they're all in 6 drawers, easy access)
All Documents of the House (Insurance, Inventory, etc)
Animals (though i'm trying to convince my mom to only take the dog, i fucking hate cats.. they piss everywhere)
Bottles of Water and some canned shit

and let the looters take the rest.. we'd then DRIVE 4 cars to NYC to stay at my grandparents house (so in case we do lose everything, we've got something to sell :))

as for my apartment, i'm on the 3rd floor. nothing in it matters. i rarely go there anyway :)

we're about to leave.. damn it all to hell.


Oppressing your posts...
looks like ya got a plan... dont forget your bank books.. dont want those account numbers getting in the wrong hands..