Ultimate Acronym Thread

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Fucking shut up, fuckers. It's getting old. Is the only thing you can do flame S.C.U.M.? You see one person do it and then you're like, "OMFG! I gotta stick up for the underdog!" And then it keeps on going until everyone takes the side against S.C.U.M. and then S.C.U.M. is the underdog. Do you guys think you are achieving something by flaming S.C.U.M.? You guys are looking like unoriginal fucktards. I know you are, but could you at least not act like one?

You all have a hivemind. Your queen, whoever it is, decides that you should all flame S.C.U.M. and you flock like seagulls towards B&T in order to flame them. You're not achieving anything. You're not hurting their feelings or anything. The only person who has actually achieved even the smallest amount of pwnage at S.C.U.M. was Nymphchick, and that itself was a small amount and pure luck. I don't even remember what the pwnage was anymore.

If you have a problem with S.C.U.M. flame them here. All you little copycats, do your shit in here and don't flood B&T with your bullshit threads over how obsessed you are with Havok and S.C.U.M.

If you have a flame to make at someone else, do it without your little "W.A.N.N.A.B.E. Presents" shit in front of it.
Not open for further replies.