Um.. excuse me?


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I had a rather... um... interesting conversation with some total stranger today.
{I color-coded it for all the mentally challenged n00bs in the audience. YAY!}
I have a magnet of an outline of a horse on the back of my car, along with a yellow ribbon magnet (you know, the ones that say "support our troops"), and a magnet with my school's name on it. I stopped to get gas today, and these people pulled up behind me.

The driver got out and said "Hey, can I ask you a question?"

Somewhat befuddled, I said "Uh.. ok, go ahead."

"Are you some kind of a faggot?"

"Um... excuse me?"

"I'm sorry, I'll ask louder. ARE YOU A FAGGOT OR SOMETHING?"

"Well, it's pretty obvious that I'm not a bundle of sticks, and also, not that it's any of your business, I'm not a homosexual either, so unless you're using some obscure reference to the word that I've never heard of before, I'm not a faggot."

"Well, I've seen a lot of faggots that like horses, since that's something that girls are into. Since I saw that magnet, I figured you must be a faggot. So tell me now, are you a fucking queer, or just a really butch lesbian?"

At this point his buddy got out of the car.

"Hey faggot, what's goin' on? Having a nice conversation with my friend here, princess?"

"Look you two, I don't want any trouble here, but I'm warning you right now, you're starting to make me feel threatened. I've got a tire iron in the back seat of my car in easy reach."

"Is that some kind of threat, faggot?"

"No, I'm just stating a fact. If I split both of your skulls open, I've got lots of room to argue self defense when the cops show up. Stand down and neither one of you will be hurt."

"Aww, sounds like the faggot isn't having fun anymore. I think we're scaring the little pussy. We better leave him alone before he pisses his panties!"

"Or maybe we should take his little faggot horse and see what he does about it!"

At this point, the first guy takes the horse magnet off my car and tosses it to his friend.

"What are you going to do now, faggot?" He said, coming closer and pushing me, trying to get me to fight back.

"He's not going to have to do a damn thing." A cop had been standing there on the other side of the gas pump the entire time. He grabbed the guy by the arm, twisted it, and slammed him against my car. "I could easily arrest you right now for assault, and your little friend, too for harrassment. Let's see what your new friend here thinks."

"It doesn't matter to me. I just want to get my gas and leave. Oh, and I'd like my magnet back too."

"Sure man, no problem, here you go."

After the receipt printed for my gas, I just left. I don't know if those two got arrested or just got a stern warning. It doesn't really matter to me. The whole situation was extremely fucked up. I should have been an asshole and pressed charges, but it's not worth my time. Just a couple punks out trying to stir shit up. Funny thing is, while they harrass me and call me a homosexual (a claim which had absolutely no merit, mind you), they're probably on a road that's going to see them end up in prison as someone's bitch within the next few years.

The moral of the story: Those two homophobes are dumbasses. :thumbsup:


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ferengi is rep'd just for having the patience of a saint! I'm impressed at your control, because I could not have kept my head that well under the same circumstances. Unless I saw the cop that is. :thumbsup:


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Fire_ze_Missles said:
You should have split their heads open anyway.


When the cop had the guy by the arm he could have screamed

"Oh my god he's got a gun!" while pointing at the other guy, then dived for cover.


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A couple of asshats.
I had an odd experience yesterday, with a guy in a car to the right of me at a light. I was cranking some tunes, so almost didn't notice. But I turned my head and happened to see him mouthing something to me. I turned down the radio and dropped the window, asking him to repeat it. "Your car, is it for sale? You selling it?"

I'm still fucking baffled what gave him that idea. He did seem kind of drunk though.