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Unable to connect to Gmail


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
I am unable to connect to gmail. I get an alert that says the connection was refused when connecting to the main gmail page. It works on my laptop, and on my work computer, but not on my main pc. Any ideas on How to fix? I just upgraded FireFox to 1.0.1 about a week ago, and I am thinking that this could be the cause. :(
It's not FF, I just connected to it fine.

yes, I do have g-mail.... :(


I connected fine with 1.0.1 earlier, and just now, after reading your post. Did you try your laptop from the same connection as your desktop?

You can try going to which is the IP resolves to. If that works, and you're on a windows box, you can try flushing the DNS cache, just type cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns in run. I had the same problem once before with slashdot, and SA; flushing the DNS cache fixed it.