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ok - a week ago i asked my manager if i could get off an hour early this saturday - so that i could go see Troy with a friend who was going to be in town...I was scheduled for a 6 hour shift that day - so i was really hoping i would be able to get out early...well I pretty much work in the back - since im the only one who does a good job back there...lol - and the others stay in the front making the pizzas - oh yea - i work @ Papa Murphys btw...ok well saturday comes - and i was hoping we wouldnt be that busy - because if we werent - then i could get off early...

well fuck me - because we had a fucking tornado warning - and 10 min - yea - 10 min after it was canceled - and i kid you not - 20 people walked in to buy pizzas...and it was like 6:30 - so I was just like "oh fuck - im never getting outta here" i was already having a bad day - had a headache - and i was working with the one supervisor i dont like - why you ask? because shes younger than me - and shes a rich bitch snob...lol and that side of her decided to come out saturday...she started bossing me around like none other - just ridiculous stuff...i didnt really care - she just made herself look like an ass - but yea - I had the back pretty much all done - I had taken care of all the cleaning - all the dishes - everything! so I started sheeting some dough for pizzas...well we were swamped - so Tiffany - thats the supervisor i hate - called in one of the managers to come help us - she called in Jennifer - and I lover Jennifer cause shes just like so fucking cool - shes like 30+ but shes a kid @ heart - i always love working with her - so yea - she comes in - and shes the older sis of the main manager - the one i had asked if i could leave early - so Jennifer knew i wanted to get outta there - so started busting her ass to help us get caught up... ok so 7:30 rolls around - and we had so much left to do - we had the entire front to clean again and shit - and yea...well I had spent all that time sheeting dough - cause we ran out and so I had to make it fresh...so Tiffany comes back and tells me when im done sheeting the dough - AND WRAPPING them - that I could leave - lol i was a little pissed - cause it was 7:30 and i was pretty much not going to get to go to Troy - since it started at 7:45 and yea - I had around 40 pizzas to wrap lol...well like 5 min later - Jennifer comes back and tells me to get my ass outta there and go see my movie lol - and I was like - I cant - Im already late and my friend had probably already headed home - so I just told her i was going to stay till my shift was done (@ 8) so yadda yadda - i get done wrapping everything...and it was like 10 after 8 - and Jennifer had left - and the girls hadnt really gotten anything done - so I offered to stay - and help - Jennifer actually literally tried to shove me outta there when she left at 8 - but i said id stay and wrap the pizzas - cause the girls already had enough to do and I didnt want them to stay late...so yea - I offered to stay and help - but Tiffany said I could leave - I told her i would stay and that it was ok - but she pretty much told me to leave so...I did...WELL today I get into work - and I find out that Tiffany complained to the main manager that I didnt stay and help last night to clean up - and so they had to stay 2 hours after close to finish everything up....I was SO fucking pissed...I coulda just fucking snapped right there - lol but i decided that i would just leave early today lol - so I did...but yea - Tiffany tried to pull a fast one on me and purposely get me into trouble - by telling me to leave last night - and then lying and saying i wouldnt stay - and thus causing them to have more work and blah blah... so yea - Im seriously pissed at this girl...shes so fucking unappreciative - i offered to stay late and help them - my plans were already fucked up - so i had nothing to do - but nooo...she told me to leave...i dont really care - she got what she deserved and she had to stay late - but i swear to god if one of the managers talks to me about it - lol - Tiffany is going down...

oofta - i feel better now


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here i will sum it up. He was trying to get out of work a half an hour early. Well there was a tornado watch and after that got done, 20 people came for pizza. So he had to hurry and they all fell behind. Well they stayed behind all night basically. and TIffany this chick he worked with, told him to leave. he said no my plans are screwed so i will stay later. Which he did till 8 pm and she like leave and they had alot to do in the front and he like no I will stay... anyways he ends up leaving and tiffany tried to say he wouldn't stay.... so if a manger talks to him about it. he going to take her down.... but now he feels better...


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Jesus christ, odd! U actually have enough time to type all that and have it still make sense? u r more odd than ur name suggests.