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Gaming Unnatural order of things (GAMING and ANIME)


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During the course of two months I've learned that doing certain things in a not so orderly order has provided me with a ramification that is hard to describe.

I have recently gotten into a series that have so far escaped my attention due to various circumstances.

The series of which I speak of is Persona. Japanese IP inspired by Jojo (another Japanese IP) and other various JP IPs. Specifically, P5 (Persona 5).

As a long time JRPG fan, the game itself is amazing, but this is not a review about that so I'll keep the synopsis short, basically it involves high school students who have been given the power to enter another dimension to steal the distorted desires of humans that have been corrupted by their distorted minds, in doing so, make the evil baddies do a complete 180 and thereafter allowing people who have direct interactions with them the opportunity to breathe easier knowing that they're no longer in the company of a capital douche.

I can imagine this brief intro to the plot would go over a lot of people's heads but it resonated with me hence how I was able to get the platinum trophy without it seeming like a chore.

I got so into the game that I ended up asking my bro to get a vita TV and a copy of P4G (Previous Persona installment) which I later rescinded but he ended up getting it for me anyway and went through that like I was eating a Twix bar while craving something sweet.

But prior to getting the game and ultimately finishing it (twice). I was already into the anime adaptation which had already piqued my interest post P5.

The thing is P4A, which was the animation based on P4 was not the only Persona 4 animated series there is, P4G (the enhanced version of P4) also had an anime adaptation based on it, known as P4GA.

So basically the order I went in regards to the Persona Series is:

P5 (PS4) --->P4A (anime) <before finishing said anime> -->, P4G (PS TV), <after finishing the game> --->P4A(anime) <after finishing P4A> ----> P4GA.

And boy, watching the first episode gave me all kinds of warm fuzzy feels.

Thus I decided that it is of no matter as to when you start off a certain literature, as long as it's worth its salt, you can go any which way, and still have a great appreciation for it.

TLDR: I didn't expect that I'd enjoy following a series from the most recent down to a less recent and still enjoy it as much as following a series from the beginning like I did with Demons souls all the way to Dark Souls 3.
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