Dono, no care
I smoked with the lunch ladies again today... its something I find Im comming to enjoy more and more. Today we talked about rampant drug abuse and how the schools in BH and St. Joe are going down the shitter.

It was nice to relate with some one from BH and the Joe. My feelings about humanity on the whole are a bit uplifted, but... I still really think that sometimes, well, sometimes Im ashamed to be apart of this world. I mean Im not perfect, for fucks sake no way, not even close, but my mistakes and problems are no where near the atrocities being commited every day.

I dunno, honestly, I see good every day, and I see bad as well. And unfortunately theres a whole fucking lot more of bad than good. Some times I just want to maroon my self on an island and live isolated away from it all. Of course id never do such a thing since i love my friends and fam too much but its tempting on days like this. It really fucking is.

I dont understand why people are so racial, so sexist, so bigot like. Why do so many people fear change and differences? I just dont get it, I dont get it to the point where my head feels like its going to exsplode and Im going to eviscerate some bitch ass racial prick. *sigh*

I once talked to rowan about a united armed force that would pledge themselves to every nation willing to confront this animosity.. it was in depth and very detailed, but it sounds better and better every day.

Fuck off to all those who cant give people a chance, fuck off to those who feel the needs to put down others. Fuck off any one who would force themselves and thier life on others. Fuck off.

Well I spose I feel alittle better now, but the worst part is knowing that while I feel these things, and I beleive in them totally, I cant be perfect. Of course perfection is impossible, but I could deffinately come a hell of alot more closer to it. But.. then I guess I wouldnt be me.

Oh and fuck off social control, social conformity for the sake of conformity, fuck off indoctrination, and lastly fuck off to myself but being a fucking hypocrit about being ashamed of the human race. I should be ashamed of myself. And so should all of us.

But hey, again life wouldnt be interesting with out shit happening right?


The Iron Lung
i've been thinking hard about the origins of prejudice (sp?). if we did come from monkeys, i sure as hell cant think of anything a monkey would gain from making an outcast of another monkey....seems man-made to me...but then again why...if every evolutionary trait is supposed to be one that helps the human race continue into the future...why would we develop this, along with a bevy of other not-so-pleasant ideas that have been holding us back?


Chaotic Neutral
The major problem of humanity is greed and power. When there is no money or power involved, we get along fine. But when someone has more power than the rest, he uses it to get what he wants for himself (greed) and does everything to maintain his power on others.

(on the side: that is why communism doesn't work but theorically, I think communism is way better than capitalism)