Untitlted and Unfinished...


Angel of Death
The foul smell of thick sulfur hung with in the morning air as it drifted up from dying campfires. While all around tents were hastily falling to the ground, other men were gathering weapons and some still lay praying. It seemed as if all the world was layered in an unpleasant manner as gray clouds gather overhead and brought down an intense, unyielding rain. The moment was so rigid with seriousness that even the most seasoned warrior found himself uncomfortable.

They were all tired, hungry, cold and wanted more then anything for this moment to pass and for all of this to be over. To be back home where they could have a belly full of ale and food. Where they could attend to the fields, hold their loved one close at night and watch their children grow. However, there was no time to think on such pleasant thoughts that haunted their minds in moments such as these. When the tears started to swell in their eyes a voice erupted over the crowd and soon all the men begin to gather in front of it.

“There are some who say that we are fools. That were are riding to certain death and can not change what has been laid before us. That we will only bring about more heartache through an impossible quest. For common men are not meant to be extraordinarily…” His voice trailed off as he looked over the few hundred men that gathered around him. He knew they needed to hear something, anything to ease their mind. He knew that many of these men would not be standing tomorrow, would not be going home.

“I have this to say to those with such words; TODAY I DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF ORDINARY MEN BUT EXTAORDINARY CHAMPIONS. For this DAY more then any other DAY… WE FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM. For we can no longer bow down to unworthy authority. We can no longer look a blind eye at the injustice seated before us. We can no longer live in fear…. FOR WE KNOW NO FEAR….” He listened and awaited for the cheers to die down some what.

“Some of you who stand so bravely before me will not be coming back. Some of you will know what it is to greet death, other will finally have to face it. But we will all know DEATH before ENSLAVEMENT… IF WE WIN, we will KNOW FREEDOM and if we die WE WILL DIE FREE MEN. So let us be heard to our home land of the east. Let our wives, children and those who think us fools hear us and know we stand unafraid. Let us cry out to our enemy of the west, let them hear that we bow for no one. That we yield to no element. Let us be so loud that our ancestors in the heavens can hear us to know that we are to PROUD to DIE AS MERE SLAVES. So that if we must fall, we fall with the honor. LET US NOT FORGET THAT WITH IN US IS NO COMMON MAN, FOR NO COMMON MAN WOULD BE THIS CRAZED. WE ARE SOLDIERS, WARRIORS, CHAMPIONS…. WE KNOW NO FEAR “ He rested firmly on his horse as he drew his blade from his sheath hosting it up high with in the air. The cheers and screams from the crowd was overwhelming that it almost brought tears to his eyes, but before they could fall he turn around riding as fast as he could. His men wasting no time and following closely behind. Some could see his horse’s white mane and his long black hair flowing within the wind. Others only followed the white gleam of his armor as if it was a beacon of hope and even more just followed the bravery he laid before.

They followed straight into a sea of a black army. Almost 10 thousand to a mere few hundred. They were greatly out number and significantly under estimated. The knights were ill-prepared and unready for such a heavy attack. Some still lay asleep in camp. The men of East took full advantage of this lighting their camp on fire causing more chaos within the dark army. Easily slipping through the thick layers of smoke to kill more and more knights. They were advancing and moving forth and for a brief moment they appeared to be winning. They fought fiercely but as more and more knights soon begin to realize what was happening and the chaos slowly started to die down, they found themselves facing even more overwhelming odds.

( I love the idea I have surrounding this story, but I hate this opening and I feel it is just lacking. Note I plan on actually changing the men of the east and the dark knights to something a little bit better but needed something to fill the spot. It is basically about this girl who father lead this great battle in which all these men died. When the evil army comes back dragging the men to the village, the wives and son of those men decided to take up arms. Naturally the evil army destroy them all these brave souls expect for one small girl who is placed with another family to help save her life. This family believes that life isn't so bad living under this rule and ignores the evil things happening around them for fear of their own death, which they are reminded of every time they travel to the outer edge of the village where all these bodies are strung up and left to rot. As the girl gets older she soon runs into one elderly man, he was hidden and the only survivor of the battle who tells her the true story of the men around the village and shows her, her real mother and father. Naturally the girl try her damnest to get people to fight for freedom, but the villagers want nothing to do with her and soon she becomes an outcast with this elderly man who slowly and secretly begins to teach her how to fight. Soon the evil army hear she is the daughter of a rebellious leader and strip her from her home. Once placed in prison word leaks to the eldest of the two princes about the most beautiful girl in all of the land. Well he soon decides he must see for herself and after discovering she is in fact the most beautiful girl he has seen he decides to force her to be his wife. However on her wedding day she kills him, which causes her to be placed in the sewers where she is left in a vile situation to await death. However because of her overwhelming beauty the other prince, now in line for the throne decides he can break her and make her his queen for doing the dirty work of murdering his brother. He tricks her into believing he is not like his brother or father and want to restore peace with out bloodshed, though he missteps and she soon discovers the truth. Because of his foolishness it allows her to escape and see the world outside of her village. All over she see villages just like her own and realize that they are slave camps and is in shock at what lays around her. Death, decay, darkness, and nothing but burnt up land. Slowly from traveling in out of these slave camps she builds up an army and which she soon makes her way back into her own camp. Where she is betrayed by her stepfather and mother. After all this time the old king has died and his son is now in power with a new wife. The queen Jealousy of this woman being brought into her castle leads to her own death by the king. He believes an only having the best and does not even offer his wife a royal burrial. Now is still set on making this rebulious girl his wife or killing her... this enrages the queens half sister who out of spite helps the girl escape and make it back to her army. They soon realize that he is trying to build a strong army by taking the first born sons out of every slave camp an order to help defeat more than just the human realm. She discovers that he has half-elves enslaved to draw up magic and enchant weapons, though they are not as powerful as full blooded elfs. Soon he is content on invading the eleven people and has destroyed most of their forest and pushed them into a small corner of their beloved land. She now must make her way across the land, discover their hiding place, gain their trust and win the battle there and free other realms before she can finally free her own.)