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Uptight oversensitive female co-worker!!!!!!!


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OK, so here's Exactly what I said.

"You're dress looks pretty, could you take off the jacket and let me have a look?"

This girl in the office acts like it's winter all year long. It's 100+ outside and she's in a sweater. She comes in the office, and I haven't slept in 24 hours, and she's wearing a nice dress. She's going to be working in it all day, and so I thought I'd ask to see it, sure my reasoning was weak, I was tired as hell. She's chatting away with me about everything and nothing. She's wearing this ugly Jean jacket over a pretty summer dress. I admit, I wanted to oogle her a bit, but no more than every other person who is going to see her in that exact dress all day. I also asked her AFTER she said I was old, and that she could be my daughter, and I was a bit miffed. So after she insults me a bit in good fun, I returned the favor with a bit of "Well I'll prove I'm not that old missy!" I only see this girl for about 3-5 minutes once a week, and she's going on about how old I am? So I'm thinking, I'll ask her to show off a bit, but no more than anyone else is gonna see. Boy was I wrong.

She literally tries to get me fired that day. She claims I blatantly sexually harrassed her. I talk to my boss, and she says she feels the girl is highly sensitive about her looks, and so she tells me not to worry about it. I'm fucking pissed. Bitch loves to drop all kinds of little digs at me, but I can't fire back at all apparently.

I could have said a million sexual things to this hot little uptight bitch. I didn't.

The thing that REALLY pisses me off, is that if she thought I was HOT... she would have laughed it off. Because she's not attracted to me, and I'm OLD, now I'm some pervert freak. So if two people say the same exact thing to her, for the same exact reason, she would act totally different. I've known this girl for almost 2 years now. I've covered for her, I've helped her, I've done lots for her. She's gonna let a thing like "Nice outfit" freak her out now?

I realize it was not 100 percent pure of me to say that. It was more of a joke than anything, considering her badgering attitude that morning. I did not stare at her, and I never have. I don't look at her breasts while talking to her. All in all I treat her with respect. She dissed me, I dissed back, and she pulls the sex card.

Maybe I'm just crazy... what do you all think?


Its unfortunate, women have a higher amount of these annoying little things we call "feelings." Sure I might be a jerk to say this, but women ARE WAY TOO oversensitive. Guys oogle you, so what? Females lust after men also, so when you quit looking at the quarterback's ass for awhile, maybe I'll show utter respect, I damn near do that now. Atleast given I know or have talked with the woman in question before.

EDIT: I apologize for the overlybroad generalization...the fact is though, women are more emotional on average.


Damn. Who shoved a polar ice cap up her ass? So you wanted to see her dress, So. What. If a woman asked to see it, she wouldn't have taken it as a sexual advance. It was her own paranoid mind that led her to that conclusion. What a bitch.

Sorry to hear about that, that's really shitty. :hug2:


Sadly, she probobly acted that way because you're a man. If you were a woman she probobly would have taken off her jacket without incident and twirled for you to see her dress. Sometimes women are skeptical of compliments from men and sometimes they have to be. (Not that they'd have to be skeptical with you because you were being sincere.)


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I hate uptight people. What a biiiiiiiatch.

If she wears a sweater during the summer, she's obviously ashamed of her own body, and she should've taken it as a compliment. In my opinion, there shouldn't be any problem in saying "you're pretty", "you're hot", or "you are sexually attractive". I say what I think damnit, besides it's a fucking compliment, and if you're oversensitive and paranoid about it, get out of my fucking way!

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Honestly, what a bitch, I hate when women play that card on a guy.

And tried to fire you aswell.PFT.


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Thanks guys and gals, my new policy for this girl is the "No Talking To" policy. I will never engage her in conversation again. Ever.

I'm sure she's so uptight she'll accuse me of "looking at her funny" next. CUNT.


Fresh Meat
If she felt uncomfortable she could have asked you to stop, and i'm sure you would have. A girl I know got my friend kicked out for the rest of the year because he jokingly said some stupid sex suggestive comment as he always does. If she had told him to stop he would have, he's not one to continue when someone's uncomfortable.

yeah, girls suck.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
Post Note 1. She came in to get something from her box today, with my wife and daughter just happening to be here. She came in like nothing happened, all smiles and sunshine (which is a dead giveaway because she's usually an uptight bitch). I said not a word. On the way out the door she looked back and said "Hi, Bye". I pretended I knew nothing (because the boss told me on the down low) and smiled and said "Bye". My wife was looking daggers at her back.

Then I heard this woman has been messing up big time on her job, but the boss wont get rid of her. I'll see if I can quietly help that along. Bitch. :mfinger:


You should have pulled the discrimination card on her with your boss. It's true that if that comment had come from a woman she wouldn't have had a problem with it. So, she's favoring women over men and therefore being discriminatory. I doubt it will work now, though, since you've talked to the boss already, but who knows? Sorry you had to go through that.


Banned - What an Asshat!
That does suck, she's taking advantage of the fact that she's a woman.

The way I see it, messed up guys that rape and abuse and murder women ruin it for the sincere and nice guys. Now people like you have to put up with the skeptical shit.


Flame Bait
Here are my thoughts: Women are insecure. A result of hormones or culture or both, it's not something you should encourage. Harassment? Well...If she's got another case to cite which was definitely sexual come-on, and she responded in a clear way to let you know that she doesn't want you to do it again, and THEN there was this instance here, then it is sexual harassment.

...It's such bullshit. Girls (not real women) are forgetting that harassment means multiple come-ons, I've found in conversation. They're forgetting that communication is their social responsibility.

If during this second meeting she was acting to appear flirtatious, and you returned that gesture, you might have a talk with your wife about it.How would you let her know who you really are without letting on about the bullshit that she started? Good luck. Maybe your boss can suck your dick this time around.