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Useless day


Internet=Siryus business.
Ever had one of those days that is totaly useless, where you do nothing good the whole day and feel sick?

Yesterday at westling pratice I had jammed and twisted my neck out of place, among other things, westling someone 80 pounds out of my weight class (I pinned the fat bastard, but he got the best of my neck), I thought I would be fine after having it put back in place, little did I know.:( When I woke up this morning at 10:30 am ready to start my mini five day vacation I was assulted with this stupid migrane headache, my head pounded, and I coulden't think straight. So after about 30 minutes I gave up trying to do anything else, went to the refrigerator, got an ice pack, and went back to bed. I woke up again at 5:45 pm With my headache gone, but I had this clammy feel and coulden't eat anything. I had wasted the whole day doing nothing but sitting around doing nothing but watching tv, I didn't work out, or clean my room, or catch up on my math homework. lately iv'e felt stretched out, like butter smotherd over too much bread.
I guess I was wondering if anyone else lately, has had one of those days?


Domesticated Savage
Ever since an incident a couple moths ago that has put me on meds for God knows how long I have felt like the days are more and more useless. All I ever seem to do is work. Chat online. Eat a meal in between and sleep. My friends no longer live near by and we only get to hang out once in a while. Nothing I really do seems to matter and dating has always been bitter sweet to me. So what is one to do? Me I'm going for the bitter sweetness of dating hoping this time is better but as for what to do in your situation. Let it pass. If you spread over too much bread there won't be enough of you for people to truly appreciate. ;) Don't stress too much about it.
I think this has something to do with the weather . It has to , there`s no other logical explanation for a whole class , including me , to have faces with an expression like they`ll drop dead any second . Not only that , currently the most used words in a regular bases chip chat are " boring " , " stupid " , " pointless " like everyone is tired of living and that on 18 or so . The funny thing is that my classmates are kind of new comers in that state of mind . Usually they feel like parties and other stupid things and now they`ve suddenly realized that it all suck , it`s `quite the shock for them :) . I on the other hand am depression`s best friend , or is it vice versus :confused: :), i mean i'm stucked with it since 7th grade and about 10th i`ve just acceped it and stopped making fuss about it .
i always get bumbed when im sick or injured. it sucks ass.

just take it like a man. treat your injury with respect, but don't let it grind you down. good luck on the recovery.