Headlines Utah Amending Gay-Marriage Ban Problems


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Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY - After rushing to write a ban on gay marriage into the state constitution, Utah legislators are stepping back to repair some of the damage the law could deal other kinds of domestic partners.

Taken literally, Utah's provision could deny hospital visitation or survivor's property rights to children being brought up by grandparents, or to senior citizens who live together but do not marry for financial reasons. Siblings living in the same household also could find themselves without customary rights.

Utah's Legislature — overwhelmingly Republican and Mormon, and one of the most conservative bodies in the nation — ignored warnings from the state's Republican attorney general that the amendment went too far. Utah voters ratified it with 66 percent approval in November.

Now, in a moment of sober reflection, the same lawmakers are looking at giving back to adults who live together but are ineligible to marry — a category that includes same-sex couples — some of the rights of husband and wife.

"It addresses the need of persons who may have some relationship other than marriage to delegate responsibilities to each other," said Utah Republican Sen. Greg Bell.

With anything seen as advancing gay rights doomed to failure in Utah, Bell gave his bill a fuzzy title — the Mutual Dependence Benefits Contract — and has been quick to deny it has anything to do with Utah's ban on gay marriage.

What a tangled web we weave, when we decide to try to screw "some" people out of their rights.

Who would have thought "Utah" would jump the gun? They're usually fair with everyone. Except the Polygomists, of course, whom they allow to continually break the law.

Two people of the same sex married - NO GOOD

But if you're living like Caligula, have at it...


Put it in MY butt...
Wait, let me get this straight. They actually wrote a law specifically denying partners to visit eachother in the hospital? And this also denied property rights to their children? Gotta loved bigotted fucks... So basically, if I lived in Utah, since my mom is gay, if she and her wife died, the government would take all of their shit from me? No, that´s cool. That makes perfect sense. It should so be legal. As a matter of fact, why don´t we do the same for interracial marriages which were once viewed in the same light. And let´s not forget inter-faith marriages. In fact, how about we just nullify every marriage that isn´t between two Morons in the Moron church.


Strike First Strike Hard
But it's ok to have 6 or 7 wives. Wait! I agree with that one.