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drunk with a jeep problem
Well as the title states, I’m am in the middle of vacation, and really missed you guy’s so I wanted to say high and talk a little.

I started by driving home, 750 miles. That was great since map quest say’s its 998 miles; I guess I found a shortcut. The last time I made this drive it took me 17 hours, this time, it was only 14 hours:eek: Yay for me!!!!!

Ok so as some of you know, I have a Jeep that kind of looks cool but hasn't gotten dirty yet. Well I wanted to fix that. I went to my uncle’s farm looking to get stuck. I drove around for 2 hours looking for mud and couldn’t find anything except a creek and a little mud puddle.:p

I drove through the puddle a couple of times, till it got old, then headed for the creek. I drove through it a couple of times, and was getting pissed cause I wasn’t slipping, or spinning tires, or anything, I wasn’t even getting the jeep dirty. Well to fix this problem, I drove through the creek long ways. It took 3 tries before I got into the fun stuff. I played in it for 3 minutes before I got stuck, and I got mud EVERYWHERE. :D

I was right behind the farm, so a quick walk to the tractor and the jeep was out. That was really fun, and will post pic’s as soon as I get them on my site. My moral of the story, “If you want to get stuck bad enough, it will happen.”:thumbsup:

What does everyone else do on there vacations?
eh, i can't have vacations for now, due to my job got rid of me when i decided to go back to school. anyhoo, if you want good mud come up here, in BC you can drive in my backyard and get stuck. i asked for a jeep when i'm done school, not one of those new pieces of shit, but an older one. have fun on your vacation, have a beer on me.
when i did have vacations, i went hot and made sure beer was involved. i'm trying to get a place in mexico, my class mates parents-inlaws own 17 places in mexico, i offered to buy one. wwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nude and private beaches, my dreams come true.
My mom starts her vacation from work tomorrow and will be going down to Florida next week to visit my uncle(her brother) for a Thanksgiving feast.

I went with her on that voyage last year. This year, I'm with my dad for Thanksgiving, meaning I get to stay here in cold Rhode Island and chat with a bunch of family members I really couldn't care less about(for the most part).

Most of my cool family members are on my mom's side.


my friends parents are really rich and they own a mansion in cabo, mexico.
This year for spring break were heading up.Its going to be fuckin amazing.Cant wait


Banned - What an Asshat!
I am glad you are enjoying your vacation. That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I had a jeep. Down here in FLorida, even though we don't have many hills we do have the everglades. I seen some trucks and jeeps come out totally fucking dirty from them sections of the highway. It looks awesome! Hope the pics are good. :thumbsup: