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Headlines Vegans suck


The Iron Lung
I've been meat free for over a week now....its actually kinda refreshing...However the idea that men will do whatever to impress women, isnt.



Chaotic Neutral
I eat vegetables AND meat, why would I want to quit either? The only thing better than a good fesh salad is a good fresh salad and a bbq steak.


You're my number two
I hate those vegans that try to convert you. Shut the fuck up and eat your three bean salad.


Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you eat the more you fart, the more you fart the more you eat, the more you sit on the toilet seat.

Fuck being dutch ovened by a vegan.



Yay fire!
voiceofreason said:
If they "were" eating just veggies, they wouldn't be fat...
Nope, just skinny and probably lacking protein. :(
I used to know a vegetarian. Sickest-looking guy I ever knew. Always pale, weak immune system, skinny as a rail, no strength at all.

Not that they're all like that.

Maybe he had AIDS or something.
I really hate the ones who try to force it upon you. And always try to make you feel guilty for eating meat, like it's some kind of godless sin. And why would you do it anyways. I love to eat meat. Better yet, I like buying stuff made of animals. It's simply fun to be constantly reassured that you are a superior being. I may be an ignorant 13 year old Canadian, but I know a cow is no match for me. Possibly a cougar, but not a Cow.
Descent said:
Holy shit. I thought you were in your 20's.

Your style of writing is very advanced...
You'd be surprised how often I get that. Hell, I'm tall and big enough to look 20. I bought a Zippo without any questions asked.

I digress. If I had a son who decided to become a vegan, I would go near insane to stop him. And perhaps I may even kill him while his body functioned normal, rather than let him hop on the Vegan Bandwagon.

I just don't see ny point of it. We are superior beings, we're smarter, we function better, and it is the natural flow of the universe. Eat meat. I don't care if you live longer, you sure as fuck ain't healthier. It just doesn't seem like a worthy cause.


Banned - What an Asshat!
You do know that vegans who eat a balanced diet with protiens often live longer and are healthier than those of us who enjoy meat and such?