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Video Codecs - share thoughts


Your Friend in the Fridge
I've been playing around with some codecs, H.264, mpeg4, mpeg2, and the standard DV pal compressor, H.264 is pretty good, v. small files and damn good quality, so's mpeg2 but i have a few questions.
1. what do you prefer, for web, dvd etc.
2. when i compress with the standard DV compression, my letters/titles look blurry, as opposed to when i use mpeg2, mpeg4, H.264 etc., which are generally lower quality. WHY? when i say blurry i mean there are pixels around the letters that are shades of grey, when the lettering is white, and the BG is black.
3. WTF is DivX for, i don't know, is it good (nooob question)


1) WMV or Xvid are probably the best for web compression. The only benefit of the former is compatibility though.

2) Probably whatever compression method you're using is lossy or you're changing the resolution. What codec are you using?

3) Divx is a lossy form of compression, it's older and generally worse than Xvid.

Personally I'd stick with mpeg2, or H.264 if you have an HD cam, anything less than HD is a waste with H.264 though - both in time and file size.


Your Friend in the Fridge
thanks for reply.
anyway, im not changing res or anything.
this is what i do, capture the mini DV footage.
edit (final cut pro 4)
export with quicktime, using AIFF audio and DV - PAL compression, i keep everything on the highest setting for DV - PAL. that makes around 7 mins of movie = around 3 gigs, the only other thing is uncompressed, looks damn nice but 10 mns = 18 gigs