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Virginity - Let's talk about sex...


sugar-coated cynicism
Ok, kiddies. Let's talk about this. I just have to say some things that have been going through my mind, especially after reading many posts on these forums.

First, I remember what it was like, very vividly, so trust me, you can't tell me I don't know. When I was in high school, I really thought I was the only virgin left, it just seemed like everyone was talking or eluding to the fact that they'd had sex. It wasn't until college that I realized how many people lie in high school. I began to admire those who had the will and smarts about them to hold off.

I just want to point something out to so many teens who are already having sex. Whoever you're with right now is in all likelihood NOT going to become your life partner. In fact you are most likely going to meet atleast 3-10 other people you'll have a relationship before you find that person. Are you going to sleep with ALL of them too? The answer is probably, "yes". So, if you start out at 13,14,15,16.... and your average relationship is less than a year, and most people marry in their mid twenties (that's those who don't want to rush into things), that's approximately 10-20 more partners you will have!

Each time you are playing the odds against non-desired outcomes such as pregnancy or STD's, somewhat of a sexual roulette. I know everyone will do as they do and this will more than likely go in one eye and out the other, but stop and think how much time you've got ahead of you. Ask yourself if perhaps you should atleast wait until you're older to find someone who might make a more suitable partner than someone who likes all the same rock bands as you. You have NO idea of what you are going to like or dislike or the goals or even ambitions you'll have in 10 years, keep in mind this "perfect" guy/girl right now will change as well.

Of course, I am not dense enough to believe that any of you will take this seriously, nor am I saying "abstain" (ok, I had to say that for the sake of the thread - really, I am saying it, ABSTAIN), but I'm just saying don't kid yourselves with these feelings you have now, be smart enough to know what I've mentioned and more than likely what you already know and realize it's not worth possibly throwing off things that you'd like to do with your life and may not even know yet. You've got so much life ahead of you and it would be a shame to miss out on those things because a hormone spike hit you at the wrong moment.

I've probably forgotten much more and I'm sure as others post here they'll come to me, I just wanted to open up this type of thread and get the wheels turning anyway.


Indifferent Facundity
I agree. You should wait until you are old enough to go to war and die for your country before you have sex. Well, ok, wait until you come back from war to have sex (you never know what you'll bring back with you).

I had sex for the first time when I was 17. My FIRST time.... and I got pregnant...

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my son, but I lost my teenage years. I lost a huge part of my childhood. Think about that before you take the plunge (or give it as the case may be).

I know, I know.. you'll use condoms, right? Sure. I used a condom and was on birth control.
Still got pregnant.

And ya know what?
It wasn't even any good. (and he was like 6 years older and previosly married)
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With the whole sex ordeal... ya I have fooled around, but not until just recently. I still have my intercourse virginity, but I have done other stuff to keep me occupied. I am not proud of it, but I know I am not looking for a life partner when I do it, and that the person I am with doesn't want that as well. I didn't ask one time and got myself in a heaping mess when the woman wanted to go steady. That did not work out ... ><

But like what honey said, I work with weddings a lot, and if there is anything I have learned is that the people who wait the longest have the best chance at a successful marriage. I believe the statistics say the best year on average has been 27. Not to say you should abstain til then, just don't give it out if you are looking for love at a young age... cause at the youngers years you tend to change your mind a lot.


Personally, I think most of the teenagers on this site who talk about having sex are virgins, and are just lying to look cool on the internet.


Personally, I think most of the teenagers on this site who talk about having sex are virgins, and are just lying to look cool on the internet.

Seiously though, lying about sex is bad, you're only lying to yourself.

</generic health class sayings>
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Banned - What an Asshat!
I thought that also, until I heard you got herpes in your mouth

I think we all can fill in the blanks on how someone gets herpes in the mouth

im also STD free! hooray
Er. Nice one..?


My U.S. of Whateva!
I remember my first time fairly well. It was on a dog bed cause like we were in a chair and it wasnt really like "working for me" so we found the nearest sof place wo could and i'll tell you i wish i had a tape recorder. There would be like 15 minutes of... you know noises and then she would say "Stop" and i would stop and then 15 minutes of silence then i would like Disengage and she would go "What are you doing" and i'd go you told me to stop and i would go back in and there would be 15 more minutes of noise.


I'm 21 years old and I am still a virgin. I've been in love twice and dated so many guys but I knew as much as I loved/liked them that we probably weren't going to work out in the end.

I'm not waiting for marriage or anything and I am ready to have sex but I am waiting for someone who I know won't pressure me and will be there for me in the long run.

Girls have to be so careful nowadays. I dated a guy once who I thought I was going to have sex with and then he told me he had an STD. He had only had sex with 4 people in his lifetime but his ex girlfriend who started having sex at 15, had slept with more then a dozen and gave it to him.
HPV also another name for genital warts.
75% of Women in the US alone will have HPV by the time they are 50.
That other percent are for the women who are either careful OR who abstain from sleeping with every guy they date.

HPV is the most common STD, there are 30 different type strands ALONE that are in the sexual area and I know a girl who was like well I can deal with that I love him sooo much. 6 months later he broke it off with her and left her not only with an STD that will forever be with her (there is no cure - Only medicine to make it not visible) but he also left her with cervical cancer and after her chemo she could never have children.

Most strands of HPV will leave a girl with cervical cancer. Very rare that you end up with a person with a low risk HPV.

Its scary what is out there that people who have sex with like every guy or girl they date, even if they like them or can't resist. DON'T realize how unsafe they are being.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Have sex in this country before you are married and you'd be looked down as scum, except by your friends of course.

Anotheruser is proud to announce that he is still a virgin.


I lost my V-club membership before I was ready and it made my friendship with the girl a little strained for about a year. Now we're cool, though. Every time I have sex, though, it gets less and less awkward. For me, I mean. I can't speak for how the girl feels about it.

NOTE: I do not have sex in long term relationships, for the simple fact that I do not have long term relationships.


Banned - What an Asshat!




sugar-coated cynicism
To add to a bit of what Jude brought up. I knew a girl, who, at the age of 19 had waited to "really" be in love with someone before she gave up her virginity. Well, the lucky guy was a jerk who decided to have sex with a stripper at a night club one night. He ended up with chlamydia and gave it to my friend. He was her first. She ended up sterile, and of course breaking up with him. She wanted children in the future as well, so now, she'll not be able to have any of her own.

This is not the only story of girls I know who "gave" their virginity to some asshole who ended up giving nothing but heartbreak in return. I am not guy-bashing here at all, I know of plenty of girls who use sex to manipulate guys as well. I'm just trying to pass on a bit of experiences to help bring home a message.


Mr. Ee

I started when I was 12. Or 13, I'm not sure. So don't start early or you'll end up like me. Whatever that might be.


I started when I was older. I think I devloped overcompensation issues... look what I have become. So kids take your pick. Start fucking now and become like Havok or wait until later and be like me :)

What ever you do don't rush into things. Nothing good will come of it other than someone will cum. :thumbsup:

* just a reminder. You don't need to insert tab A into slot B to make someone cum. *


Doesn't give a shit
Well, first of all im 17 and I am still a virgin. People think it is kind of pathetic, but I say that I'm not going to have sex until I am in college. At least someone else out there other than my brothers girlfriend agrees. I could have had sex with my ex-girlfriend and I am glad I didn't. As for you saying that most people in High School lie about losing their virginity, that isn't true at all, most people in my school have lost their virginity, for each case there is "proof." Me and 35 other people in my class of 120 (circa of course) are still virgins.

My brothers girlfriend did the same thing that you guys are talking about. She gave her virginity to her ex-boyfriend, who she thought she loved, found out he cheated on her and broke up with him. She told me later that she didn't really love him, it was just the lust of being with him, and that got me thinking. I've never been a young girl so you ppl will have to tell me if im right or not.

I think that when girls are younger, what they think is love is just dating someone for alittle bit of time, and it is inevitable that you will fall in love with them. When really, it is the fact that you don't have to fall in love with everyone you date for a month, they don't notice that you have to fall in love with the person. That's pretty close I think, but feel free to throw your opinions at it.

And I know the type of guys your talking about. My friend keeps telling this girl he stalks that he loves her to get into her pants. It is really pathetic. Sometimes I wish I could kill him. Anyways, I hope that contributed at least alittle bit. :flamed: