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Voodoo 2 SLI Question


Hella Constipated
I'm thinking of building a new system this summer with a 3500+, an X800XL, and an Asus or Chaintech board, because Chaintech will be releasing some new models that have more features than their current VNF4/Ultra Zenith VE.

Anyway, I DO want a Voodoo 2 SLI setup in this machine, for obvious reasons:

1. Glide games (Wrappers suck)

Intended games:

Descent 1 3Dfx port (Only game I can get to work with the best wrapper around, and has frequent cube rendering/texture mapping anomalies)
Sega ManxTT SuperBike
FreeSpace 1/2 (I have serious issues with FRAPS recording with my ATi in these games, it becomes garbled with D3D enabled. The Voodoo will be a recording device. And yes, FRAPS supports Glide :D.)
UT99 (Newer video cards tend to run it poorly...)
Possibly others

2. 3Dfx > Your life. I miss these guys :(. I had a Voodoo 3 and I loved it.

So now, the questions:

1. Will the Voodoo 2 passthrough cable/video card decrease my 2D image quality? If so, will it be significant? (I can't find info on this)

2. Do the stock 3Dfx drivers have adjustments to disable OpenGL/D3D rendering? I only want this thing to do Glide (I can't find any decisive information on this, nobody really talks about the latest drivers...)

3. Will it increase my e-penis size if I get nVidia SLI and Voodoo SLI in the same rig?

Thank you, come again!


Asshole of the Year
nope back in the day you could run SLI with alot of cards but it failed very very badly


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
Hypertron said:
nope back in the day you could run SLI with alot of cards but it failed very very badly

I just thought it was a new innovation with the advent of PCI-e. Cool, you learn something new everday. :thumbsup:


Hella Constipated
Hypertron said:
nope back in the day you could run SLI with alot of cards but it failed very very badly
Not exactly...Voodoo 2 SLi was a huge success, but it worked differently than nV's solution. The Voodoo 2 used Scan Line Interleave, which meant that every other line was drawn by the other card. The nV solution splits the screen into two hemispheres.

Also, to date the Voodoo 2, the 6600GT, and the 6800GT/Ultra are the only cards to support SLi. There were never many SLi cards - in fact, nVidia acquired 3Dfx's assets, technologies, and engineers back in 2000, so the same engineers likely worked on the GeForce 6 series.

Dull_Bullet said:
why are you getting a 3500+? get an amd athalon 64
I am. The fastest Athlon XP is a 3200+.