Headlines Vote or Die :rolleyes:


I'm SOOO FUCKING TIRED OF THIS VOTE OR DIE SHIT. GAWD DAMN. Seriously. Shawn Puffy P Diddy Puff Daddy Clownfucker Combs needs to lay off everybody. voting is supposed to be cool and fun - not intimidating. On MTV, he refered to Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr as simply "Martin". I mean, WTF? How disrespectful is that. I can't believe that P Duddy thinks that he is so too cool for school that he can't even show respect.

And then Kanye West who is a RACIST MOTHER FUCKER was on there with that vote or die shit too. He is a total fucking sellout. He talks shit in his stupid ass song "All falls down" about the white man getting paid off of everything from nice cars to drugs but he didn't seem to mind working for the white man in his Boost Mobile Phones commercial. I hate him so much. I'm white and have never made money from drugs or nice cars.


The Iron Lung
i was sitting in the middle of govt class, and my fucking phone starts ringing....i shut it off, and i got a message that was like "Yo, what up, dis is P diddy, reminding all ya'll to vote or die" I laughed hysterically for about five minutes and then cried because i realize that this is the begining of the end. Puffy wasnt even Biggie's producer....what the hell did he do but ride the coat tails of a true talent...i'm glad i forgot about puffy...thanks for reminding me :(