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Waiting for NewEgg's IPO


Business Week recently posted an article about, it's history and how ithey have garnered their success. Since NewEgg comes up in conversation from time to time, I figured some of you might find this interesting.

As the title implies, I've been eagerly awaiting NewEgg's IPO. This article just strengthens my desire to buy in.
DiFranco says AMD doesn't break out specifics of its online sales, but one of the big contributors to that sales surge was, a quiet power in online retailing of computers, computer parts, and technology products about which you'll probably be hearing a great deal more in the coming year. Indeed, is one of AMD's biggest online outlets.

"DIY MARKET." Without attracting much attention, the online retailer, based in City of Industry, Calif., recorded sales of $980 million in 2004 and is on a run-rate to break $1.3 billion in 2005. It will likely go public in late 2006 or early 2007, says its co-founder and vice-president and Howard Tong (the chairman and CEO, Fred Chang, doesn't do interviews).

NewEgg grew out of ABS Computer Technologies, a lesser-known PC vendor and systems integrator launched in 1990. Tong joined ABS in 1998 with the assignment of creating an online PC and computer-components business as a subsidiary.


The site attracts about 500,000 visitors a day, he says


But NewEgg has at least one other major difference from other retailers. While most simply take orders and then rely on distributors to fulfill them, NewEgg owns its product inventory and fulfills shipments directly from its eight warehouses: Five in California, two in New Jersey, and one in Memphis, Tenn.


Nice read. Definetely gives me some more confidence to jump on the bandwagon when they go public.