ok first off. what the hell is going on the writer's block is so empty, weres theparty and how come i was not invited??? well after that i think it is time for so Poetry. so here we are tell me what you all think.


I say I love you
I long to hear it back
But you only frown
And run away

i am so Scared
To say I love you
The one thing i long to do
The one thing i am scared
Scared to see your face
Scared of what you might say
Scared ofwhat i may loose
Scared of the hurt i may bring
to both you and me

To say I love you
The one thing i need to say
Is the one thing you wish i would not
You have him, why do you need me?

You play with me
You teas me
But still i am with you
Still I love you
Still I stand in the dark
Waiting for you to bring the light
The light your love will give me

Waiting for you in the darkness
Helping you, without a thank you
Helping you with things you don’t know
Waiting for you too see me
Waiting for you to stop looking start thro me
Waiting for you to see me for me
Waiting for you to see me for who i am

Waiting in the darkness for you
Waiting alone for you
Waiting and helping
With out you knowing

One day my love will sees
With out you knowing that it was there
And then one day you will ask
Were I am, im no longer there
Were is the question
The question on your lips
It’s simply, I stop loving you
You toke me for granted
And I’m no longer there


Banned - What an Asshat!
ummmm i really didnt read it all but i guess its good b/c they said so lol and i love, love