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I would like you to take a moment to consider this. Please, if you're not in the mood to read something longer than a paragraph, come back when you are because this is kinda important.

Man is a unique animal with very predictable behaviors. From the time we were children, we saw the first signs of human individuality. Class bullies, nerds, stoners, dorks, losers, freaks, goths, hotties, studs, dipshits, rich kids, poor kids, druggies and the silent one in the corner. Translate these classes of kids into adults. Some of them stay the same, some change and some end up dead. You'll notice that in the grown up world, these same classes of people exist. Am I right? OK. :thumbsup:

Now consider this. Do you remember how all the different varieties of kids used to hang out together. Stoners with stoners, Rich kids with Rich kids, etc. Well it's the EXACT same situation when they all grow up and become adults. So where the f*ck am I going with this? Here:

The richest most powerful people in this world are running things because everyone lusts for money and power. If you don't, you've given up and may even be pissed about your predicament. If you aren't constantly hoping to be rich and powerful, then you have given up and, if you are angry, you are likely blaming someone else for the position you are in. It's the government's fault, it's your parent's fault, it's your bosses fault, it's anyone else's fault but your own. I'm totally that way and I hate that I am, but I'm willing to admit it at least.

So who are these 'powerful' people I refer to? No, not our president. No, not the CEO of WalMart. Pee-ons, all of them. If you have read enough into this you will find out very quickly that there are essentially around a dozen families in the world who possess sick amounts of money, assets and power. These families (identified here


are the ones who influence elections, influence government officials, and, ultimately, shape the very reality we see when we walk out our front door every day. Think this is bullshit? Let me break it down for you.

If you're like me, a middle class average Joe, were you ever invited to a party at the rich kids house? Probably not, but if so, did you go? Did you find anything in common with these kids other than the bong you were sharing? NO. That's because you're not "one of them". And it doesn't have to be just "rich kids", it applies to any group or social class. We all watch out for and relate to our own kind. Human nature tells you to detest those who are better off than you, and to resent those who are less fortunate. It's human fucking nature, right? If you don't agree then ask yourself this: Have you ever driven around a larger city and seen a homeless person and thought, :why doesn't that person get a f*cking job?" Of course you have. Well, do you think this human nature element just disappears when you become an adult? Of course not. That's the whole fucking problem with the world today summarized in one sentence:

Humans are concerned only with supporting themselves and those like them.

The rich don't give a flying fig about your problems. They want more money and they will do anything in their power to get it. Because money buys influence. And influence scratches the itch that every human is programmed with: the itch for power. Whether you're a secretary and you have the power to approve which letterhead the company uses, or your a President and you have the power to manhandle a foreign diplomat into agreeing to a better trade agreement. You have the itch. And you like to have it scratched. You love it, but you usually won't admit it, not even to yourself.

If you think George Bush is the problem, you're not even close. You need to read. You need to do some research about the world's richest people. You need to understand that people far wealthier and massively more powerful and influential than any president or poitical leader are influencing the world's leaders and people to follow a path THEY determine. You need to read the information in the website I refer to above (and others like it) and consider the following questions:

1. Ever wonder why such a diverse coountry only allows for 2 political parties to gain the attention of the voters. Rep/Dem only. Ever. Doesn't it strike you odd that with all the interests of the American people, we end up voting between two complete morons like John Kerry and George Dubya? 2 morons from a country of 290 million people. Seems kinda odd, huh?

2. Ever wonder how, within a few hours, the media presented the American public with a complete list of all 19 highjackers from 9/11? How did they know from the passenger lists which ones were terrorist threats? Pretty convenient huh? And why weren't any jets scrambled to intercept these highjacked planes when our Air Force is on 24-hour alert to do just such a thing at a moment's notice? Interesting I think. And how in the hell did a 757 jet slam into the Pentagon when not one piece of physical evidence was found of a plane. No engines, no wings, no tail section that should have been intact after impact. Hmm. Seems odd doesn't it?

3. Ever wonder why the Patriot act was passed when NOT ONE single congressperson was able to actually READ the act itself before being asked to vote on it? The act was signed within 40 days of 9/11 and contained hundreds of pages of legal fine print. Most legislation like this takes MONTHS to create, yet this act was ready to present to congress almost immediately after 9/11. And because of this hoodwink maneuver, while you're out, your home can be searched without a warrant. You can be arrested and detained without a warrant and reason does not have to be given to you as to why you are being held. Hmm. This is America isn't it?

4. Ever wonder how all the management and directors with the CIA and FBI who were responsible for terminating terrorist investigations before 9/11 were suddenly promoted into higher positions? That seems a little odd to me.

Think all this is "conspiracy bullshit"? Well, if you don't care about what's really going on in the world, then be on your merry way. Bicker about abortion rights and gay rights and the environment and the WMD's and all that other distracting bullshit. It's what you're supposed to be doing. If you do however want to know what is really going on, then READ. Get on your frickin' internet connection and read everything you can. The truth is out there, you just have to go look for it. You won't get the truth from the media, you won't even get close to it. The media are a bunch of whores anyway.

So go fucking read. Read for 10 minutes a day and understand what the fuck is going on out there. It's easy. But most of you won't. You have your latte and a nice blowjob after work and who cares about the harsh realities of the world. You should. Your world is going to change very soon. Don't say I didn't warn ya.


For good reading on the realities of today's world, check out these sites:



Baba Yaga
The Free Mason scociety runs everything. These poeple are a secret society that have meeting halls around the world.

Recently in a town near mine, there was an incident where a freemason was "accidentally" shot in the head during a cerimony. The investigation was open and shut, the police ruled it an accident and the shooter was charged with manslaughter, but never convicted. http://www.grandlodgescotland.com/Press Watch/masonicdeaths.htm

Some of the most powerful people in the world are members. They are an ancient orgamnization, yet remain out of the microscope. Do a google for free mason or freemason, and see what you find.


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max humm... free masons eh? right. Aren't they like 500 years old or something, maybe more? Anyways...Yeah......Ok.


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Rage against said:
max humm... free masons eh? right. Aren't they like 500 years old or something, maybe more? Anyways...Yeah......Ok.

if not older.

like the x-files secret society.

ever wonder if the existence of man can be verified by any other except man?


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Oh, my dear philosopher. To much thinking like this will kill you. You'll break your back from putting the weight of the world on it. Now think to yourself, yes the world viewed as a whole is a violent, greedy, snotty piece of shit run by people whose ambitions are for more and more power and money and wealth and violence. And people suffer from calamities created both from there begining situation and there own unwillingness to change it. And were all going to die when either the universe goes back to the single dot it started from, or expands so fast that it rips itself apart. But why not look at what happens on the small scale? The couple that draws each other out of oblivion and find oneness with each other. The man or woman who fufills their lifelong dream. The philanthropist who finds delight knowing that at least one person is happier for the trouble. The hero who finds that standing against wrongdoing is its own reward. I too, saw the world as a toilet that humans were soiling. But then I stretched out with my supreme ignorance to the almighty facts and said "well at least there's some happiness in the world". Oh, and in case you believe that your suffering over the sea of troubles makes you more holy, or good, or important, think of every person you know who changed the world for the better. Now think of one who saw the world as worthless. I'm sure if you put your mind to it you could say "AH HAAA! I FOUND ONE YOU BEEF WITTED APPLEJOHN!" But believe me, it would just be a waste of your time.


JoeShmoe said:
Your world is going to change very soon. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

I feel like I just got done reading a transcript of Crossing Over with John Edward. How sad. The government also started feeding Fluoride in the water supply after WWII to get rid of the surplus caused by Aluminum production. Do we still have as surplus of the shit 60 years later?

And the government started the California wildfires to test the public's willingness to use sports stadiums for internment camps. Lightning doesn't strike in the middle of nowhere anymore?

Gimme a break.


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Yes and aliens cross bred with apes to create the human race, I have seen damn near every whacked the fuck out theory there is ... and these are not new. Get back in yer box you! This is a prime example of why teenagers should not drop acid.