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Wake up without water uhhh


Fresh Meat
Ok I wake up here in Cuba at 5:30am to run and later came to home to take a shower and there’s no water!!! Dear fuck! What can I do lol
This is so pretty fucking sad
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Maybe you could use some from @Rook ?
Isn't @Rook Mexican?

Since we are on topic...

About a week ago I had accidentally allowed myself to go a few days with barely touching water. I became super dehydrated. When I am dehydrated, I snore...badly. I went to bed, woke up an hour before my alarm and my mouth was so dry, and swallowing was so painful. Swallowing in fact, almost couldn't even occur because I had snored my mouth so dry. I took a sip of water, wet everything down and still, something hurt. I had the feeling, where it feels like you have snot in the back of your throat and need to swallow.

I went to the bathroom to check inside my mouth. My uvula had swollen to 10 times it size!! It was literally the size of my pinky! It was so big it was just sitting, folded on my tongue! It was a pretty uncomfortable day. I kept feeling like I had a blockage in my throat, snot in my throat, and I would move my tongue sometimes and I could feel it rolling around like a worm in my throat.

Anyway, swelling faded by 6pm that a sleep apnea test a week later.

Turns out that feeling of snot, isn't the feeling of snot in your throat, you actually feel that as snot moves across your uvula and its surrounding tissues!

oh...welcome new guy.
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